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Cabrillo Youth Strings

Cabrillo Youth Strings Music Program Fall 2022 Semester

A Program for Music Students Ages 6 - 18

The Cabrillo Youth Strings Program will begin the Fall 2022 Semester In-Person at the Music Building (VAPA5000) on Friday afternoons, September 9 - November 4.

*Our 9-week String Orchestra Program will have 3 groups:

4th-6th Grade Beginning Strings, 4:00-5:15 (Nancy Kvam and Juliann French). No Auditions.

(4th-6th Grade students must purchase “Primo Performance” Book 1 and “String Explorer” Book 1 for their instrument. Violin, Viola and Cello only.) VAPA5137

*Festival Strings, 4:15-5:45 (Renata Bratt, with Nancy Kvam and Juliann French), late Book 1-Book 3, good reading skills. VAPA5156

*Cabrillo Strings, 4:15-5:55 (Caleb Murray, with Nancy Kvam and Juliann French). Older students,

Intermediate to Advanced levels with good note reading skills. VAPA5141

*Auditions for Festival Strings and Cabrillo Strings will be held on Friday, September 9,

3:45-4:15 in the respective locations for the classes, before the first rehearsal, beginning @ 4:15.

**All students are required to bring their own instruments, music stands, and pencils.

****Private Lesson Instruction is recommended for all participants. Please see our list of Instructors (further down the page).

Our Concert for the String Orchestra program will be held on Friday, November 4, 7 pm in the

Samper Recital Hall, VAPA5100, with a Dress Rehearsal at 5:00-6:30 that day.

*The Friday afternoon 5-week Chamber Music Program, for students with good note-reading skills, will be November 11 – December 16. These classes are held on Fridays, 4:15-5:30. Our Dress Rehearsal (5:30-6:45) and Chamber Music Recital, 7:00 pm, will be held on Friday, December 16 in the Music Building, VAPA 5156.

We have Safety Protocols for the Program:

All students, parents, teachers will wear masks. (Please wear N95, K95 or higher or blue surgical mask)

There will be 6’ distancing for everyone.

We ask that students hand sanitize before each session.

Each student will bring their own stand and pencil.

Parents will drop students off at a specified location and return at the end of class to pick students up.

Students will not eat or drink during the session or in the music building. (Please hydrate and snack before/after class).

Our rehearsal groups are scheduled in the Music Building (VAPA5000), and Samper Recital Hall (VAPA5100) for our Concert. The fees will be $250 for the 9-week String Orchestra program. The fees for 5-week Chamber Music program will be $175.

You may register by going:

Online with “Extension Registration” in the left side bar.

By phone, through Cabrillo Extension, 479-6331

In Person, 6500 Soquel Drive, Building 2100A, Aptos, CA 95003

****Our registration process will begin in mid-late August through Cabrillo Extension, The String Orchestra registration must be completed by Friday, September 9, 5:00 pm and the Chamber Music registration by Friday, November 11, 5:00 pm. Please complete all registration before the first class, 9/9, even if you auditioning. If you have questions or need Audition materials, please call Nancy Kvam @ 426-6443, 479-6101 or email at You may reach Renata Bratt @ 252-9584 and Caleb Murray @ 435-6630. You may contact Nancy Kvam, Cabrillo Youth Strings Artistic Director if you have questions about participation in the program.


This program is a wonderful introduction to the world of classical music for students of all ages. The dedication and enthusiasm of the teachers is infectious. I am always amazed with the professional quality of the final concerts. We are so fortunate to have this amazing resource in our community.

—Sara Puhl, parent


The instruction in this program is outstanding! The selection of music is really superior! The faculty takes time to select top rate and new types of music with new techniques. We really enjoy this. The thing I like most about this program is the camaraderie of music students with like interests.

—Elaine Forrester, parent


It's the gem of music education in our county. It is a highly acclaimed training ground for children to explore the study of music.

—Michele Rivard, Emeritus Division Chair of Music, Cabrillo College

Cabrillo Youth Strings Faculty
Contact List for Private String Instruction
  • Nancy Kvam 426-6443
    Artistic Director, Violin, Viola, Chamber Music, Beginning Strings Director, Sectional Coach/Conductor for Festival and Cabrillo Strings, Administration

  • Renata Bratt 252-0584
    Cello, Festival Strings Director, Chamber Music

  • Caleb Murray 435-6630
    String Bass, Cabrillo Strings Director, Chamber Music

  • Juliann French, 818-795-5259 Violin/Accompanist, Coach for Beginning Strings, Festival Strings and Cabrillo Strings, Chamber Music

Other Cabrillo Youth Strings affiliated string teachers
  • Don Adkins 423-9808
    String Bass, Cello, Accompanying

  • Aria Di Salvio 466-9936

  • Kristin Garbeff (805) 217-6851

  • Debora Grosjean 566-0441
    Violin, Viola

  • Astrid Huala 334-9302
    Violin, Viola

  • Polly Malan 469-3088/home, 295-1822/cell, Viola

  • Judy Roberts 462-5420

The Cabrillo Youth Strings serves as the starting point for a lifelong journey of creative development for so many youth in the Monterey Bay Region. We are honored to host this outstanding program at Cabrillo College.
John Graulty, Ed. D, Dean of Visual, Applied and performing Arts, Cabrillo College
String Instrument Sale, Rental, Repair, Sheet Music

Properly sized instruments, CD's and books are available at:

Bookmark Sheet Music 831-648-0508, Pacific Grove

Scott Cao Violins 408-364-1668, Campbell

Dennis English 475-8072

Ifshin Violins 1-800-522-1099

Jansen's Music 724-4798

Kamimoto Strings 408-298-8168,

Sylvan Music 427-1917

May 2019 Performances

Firework, Joint Groups

May 2019 Performance

Woodland Park: Nancy Kvam Conductor

May 2019 Performance: Beginning Strings & Festival Strings

Viking: Renata Bratt Conductor

May 2019 Performance: Cabrillo Strings

Serenade: Nocturne, Cakewalk, N. Leyden, Danza Finale, Caleb Murray Conductor

April 29, 2022 Performance: Beginning/Festival Strings

Violin Concerto Theme, Beethoven, Nancy Kvam Conductor

April 29, 2020 Performance Beginning/Festival Strings

Courtly Dance and Procession, B. Balmages, Nancy Kvam, Conductor

April 29, 2020 Performance Beginning/Festival Strings

The Square Dance, Niehaus & Leidig, Nancy Kvam, Conductor

April 29, 2022 Performance, Cabrillo Strings

Orange Blossom Special by Rouse/Muller, with Caleb Murray, Conductor

April 29, 2022 Performance, Cabrillo Strings

Jazz Suite for Solo Violin and String Orchestra: 2nd movement, Jazz Ballad by Thom Sharp with Carem Ho, Violin Soloist, Caleb Murray, Conductor

April 29, 2022 Performance, Cabrillo Strings

A Handful of Cool , Thom Sharp, Caleb Murray, Conductor

April 29, 2022 Performance, Cabrillo Strings

Catharsis, Cann, arr. Phillips, Caleb Murray, Conductor