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CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) is a state funded program (cash aid) that provides support to low-income individuals with dependent children who are receiving county assistance. CalWORKs is lifting families out of poverty through education. To get started, contact our CalWORKs Program Coordinator.

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CalWORKs Work Study is a great way to earn extra income while still in school and gain valuable work experience. CalWORKs Work Study Students can work on- or off-campus. To get started meet with the CalWORKs Job Developer at Cabrillo who will walk you through the easy orientation process and explore your employment options with you. Please note that students must be enrolled in the Cabrillo CalWORKs program in order to qualify for CalWORKs Work Study which is one of two "work study" programs at Cabrillo College. Check with Financial Aid for information about Federal Work Study if you are not a CalWORKs student. CalWORKs Work Study Interest Form


  • Students with dependent children currently receiving CalWORKs cash aid from their county of residence. See BenefitsCal to see if you are eligible and to apply.


  • Assistance completing college and financial aid applications

  • One-on-one orientations

  • Specialized academic counseling

  • Priority registration for classes

  • Vouchers for registration (paid for by CalWORKs funds for qualified participants)

  • Advanced Standard Payment for books, supplies and materials (paid for by CalWORKs funds for qualified participants)

  • Liaison with CalWORKs Employment Training Specialist (ETS)/case manager

  • Computer access and dedicated study area

  • On-campus, free printing

  • Referrals to on campus and community services

  • CalWORKs Work Study

    • Resume and interview assistance

    • Job placement services

    • Job coaching

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CalWORKs Cabrillo Staff
Ana Celia Ruiz
CalWORKS Program Coordinator
(831) 477-5222
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Judy Russell
Job Developer, CalWORKs
(831) 477-5223
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Kate Sandusky
Office Specialist, CalWORKs & Rising Scholars
(831) 477-5626
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Eli Chance
Director, CalWORKs & Rising Scholars
(831) 477-3503
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