Computer and Information Systems / Success Stories

Brandon P.


In Brandon P.’s senior year in high school, he participated in CyberPatriot, a cybersecurity competition. Brandon states,

“I had a lot of fun and the leaders saw my passion and knowledge.”

Due to that passion and knowledge, they encouraged Brandon to take dual enrollment and take CIS-76 Ethical Hacking while still in high school. While at Cabrillo, he majored in Computer Systems and used CIS courses as a supplement to really hone into what he wanted to do – cybersecurity. Brandon also worked with the CyberTech team, which is responsible for developing the competition. He currently works as a Cybersecurity Analyst in Irvine and finished his associate’s degree in December. About his time at Cabrillo, Brandon says,

“It was a lot of work, but the payoff is incredible. I don’t know of other programs that give you the opportunity to get such good applicable experience which really helped me get my current position.”