Computer and Information Systems / Success Stories

Elena M

Elena Montesino studied computer technology at UCSC and earned her degree. However, she felt that she didn't get as much exposure working with computers as she wanted. Learning about the CIS program at Cabrillo, she enrolled to work on different certificates.

After hearing the presentation about apprenticeships, Elena applied and interviewed. She was accepted into the apprenticeship program at RVS Technology Group, where she is developing her career and learning RVS technology.

"I had the knowledge," Elena says, "but now I'm getting important hands-on experience."
Elena is working at RVS helping clients manage their systems. She says, "RVS has been very helpful in teaching me their systems and taking the time to train and move me into their system."

She encourages people to go into the program to get the important hands-on experience. Elena also finds the on-line CIS courses to be helpful in managing her busy schedule.

"My experiences with both CIS and RVS have only been very positive ones."