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Juan S.

Juan S

Juan S was studying engineering and was interviewing for a project in Costa Rica when he realized he was interested in a similar field– computer engineering. During the interview process he learned about the CIS program. This program provided Juan with the extra opportunity to work while taking courses full-time. He earned two CIS degrees, interned at Looker, worked with Irvin Lemus on the Cyber Security Team at Cabrillo College, and was a part of the development team for the Bay Area Community College Consortium to make summer camps for students throughout the bay area. Juan completed his bachelor’s degree in six months from Western Governors University. He now works as a Software Engineer at Balbix. He appreciated that he was able to transfer more than half of his Cabrillo credits toward his bachelor’s degree. About the program, Juan says,

“It was a great opportunity to apply what I was learning in the classes quickly. It definitely helped get me to where I am now.”