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Kyra R.

Kyra R

Kyra R. had a degree in communications but when she was faced with some family challenges, she decided she wanted to go back to Cabrillo. She wasn’t sure what to start with and wound up taking a Linux course, which she found interesting.

At the same time, she was working at the library, and when the branch closed, she moved into the library’s IT department and liked it.

“Since I liked it, I took another class and then kept progressing. I started thinking about what else the department might offer and if I should go for any certificates,” says Kyra.

Then she saw an email about the 11-week, five-day per week IT Institute and wasn’t sure if she could swing it as she was working full time. She went to the informational meeting to learn more.

“I talked with faculty, letting them know I wasn’t sure I could do the five days a week. They told me not to worry about it, they’d work with me. I could watch recordings and the faculty made themselves available. They were super helpful.”

Now that Kyra has invested that time, she’s taken more classes and is about to receive her A.A. degree. She’s thinking about more certificates and possibly a bachelor’s degree.

“Getting into the IT Institute helped me a lot. I was floating around taking classes and the Institute gave me a focal point. It was a lot of work, but all the teachers are great. And you learn about creating resumes and interviewing; it’s not all IT stuff. I had the chance to meet with counselors and learn about financial aid. I recommend it to anyone interested. It’s a great program for older returning students.”

She also has a new position in the library IT department. She applies what she learned at Cabrillo, collaborates with a helpful team, and gets to wear a lot of different hats.