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Infection Control Coordinator

Prevent Disease. Protect Patients. Make an Impact!

Every dental office is required to have a Dental Infection Control Coordinator – earn your certificate and you can fill that role!

Cabrillo College's NEW online Dental Infection Control Coordinator Certificate teaches you how to prevent and reduce disease transmission while making a positive impact on dental patients.

The best part? It just takes two non-credit FREE courses, completed in five weeks, to earn your Dental Infection Control Coordinator Certificate and there are no prerequisites required.

This program Is perfect for:

  • Individuals with no experience looking for a new, in-demand career that pays well and positively impacts others.

  • Dental professionals looking to increase their skill set and provide essential safety standards within their dental office.

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What Does a Dental Infection Control Coordinator Do?

Dental Infection Control Coordinators ensure that a dental practice provides the safest environment for patients and employees. They oversee infection control standards, provide education and training, and ensure compliance with protocols and procedures. Employment is available in dental offices, clinics, and healthcare organizations.

DH-460A Intro to Dental Infection Control

This course provides instruction required for certification in the role of infection control coordinator in the dental setting. Topics include chain of infection, evidence-based guidelines and standards, governing agency regulations, protocols and procedures for infection control, and development of an infection control protocol for a dental office.

Duration: four weeks

Location: Online

Prerequisites: None

DH460B - Clinical Application to Dental Infection Control Lab

This course teaches, in a laboratory environment, the basic required protocols and procedures used in the dental setting for infection control and aseptic techniques, such as proper instrument sterilization, spore testing of sterilizers, and dental unit water quality standards.

Duration: Eight hours

Location: Main Campus

Prerequisites: DH460A

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