Digital Media Success Stories

Caroline Kuspa


Caroline Kuspa

Caroline Kuspa’s first foray into digital media was a high school Photoshop course. She became excited by the ability to compile images and add effects to produce magazine and ad-worthy layouts. Additionally, she always admired product packaging, even as a little girl perusing drugstore shelves during errands.

A few years after finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Music, she worked in marketing and began building web, social media, and print graphics. In an effort to improve her skills and workflow, she enrolled in DM-1 and has since taken several other department courses in hopes of completing her Associates degree while working full-time.

“My time in the program has been inspiring, supportive, and informative. I've been able to fit courses in while working full time because they have been offered in asynchronous and online formats. I have particularly enjoy DM-8 having one weekly meeting where we are all present to give real-time feedback from other students, as well as the instructor,” says Caroline

Caroline is using her new skills in her daily work and in updating her portfolio.

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