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Debbie Covarrubias


After receiving a Fine Art degree from U.C. Berkeley and running a successful t-shirt business, Deborah Covarrubias had two children and wanted to discover a new career path that supported family life and used her artistic background. Friends had long urged her to pursue graphic design, so she started exploring by taking some online courses. She discovered Cabrillo and found the instructors and classes immensely helpful and enjoyable.

“With no childcare, it was a bit crazy, so I appreciated the online options. I made it work and did well in my classes. Importantly, I built a strong enough portfolio to start applying for jobs,” says Deborah.

After a bit of freelancing, she got her first job in 2021 and at the end of that year, transitioned to working for her current company, where she designs packaging and prepares graphic assets for pet toys and accessories that are sold at major retailers internationally.

“I design packaging, signage, prepare e-commerce photos, and more. I work closely with the product development team on a team of visual designers. I love seeing my work on the shelves when I walk into Petco and Target or am browsing online. It is so rewarding having a career that I am passionate about!”
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