Digital Media / Success Stories

Tammy Sanchez


Tammy Sanchez was working towards an Arts Studio major, interested in illustration and animation. She saw that Cabrillo had an Animation Skills Certificate. She had already learned Illustrator and Photoshop while working toward her degree, so she was prepared for the Digital Media classes. The combination of her Art Studio classes and Digital Media classes was perfect for her.

“The classes were a bit intimidating at first because my background was in Fine Arts. Fine Arts and Digital Media use different methods. But I enjoyed the classes a lot,” says Tammy.

Currently she’s working with the Cabrillo Makerspace Club using her skills in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Digital Fabrication.

Tammy plans to work toward her Bachelor’s degree and hopes to work in a studio in animation. She has always been drawn to animation, remembering that she was into cartoons and anime when she was younger, wondering “how do you get into that?”

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