Sarah with her dog
Sarah Reinhard
Professor of Psychology
Fall 2023 Office hours: M/W 1-2 & T/TH 215-315 room 403B (Aptos); Wed. 5-6 room A150 (Watsonville)

I teach intro to psychology (PSYC-1), biopsychology (PSYC-4) and behavioral statistics (PSYC-2). I have a BA in psychology from University of Toledo, PhD in behavioral neuroscience from UCR, and MA in Education from University of Redlands. My professional passions include neuroscience, biology, education and equitable access/education for people with special needs. I have spent about 6 years of my professional life researching autism (specifically fragile X syndrome), and 2 years working with people with special needs while researching best practices in education for people with special needs, and 3 years teaching high school. My personal passions include hiking & exploring beaches, singing & piano, live music, and animals (esp. dogs) ... also poetry is an old flame that reignites every now and then. My main goal in teaching is to ignite student's curiosity about topics they may never have considered, allow students space to form connections and critically think through materials, and for students to acquire the skills and knowledge base needed for their future careers.