Ana Gonzalez in the field in Ireland
Ana González
Anthropology Faculty
Aptos Campus, Room 429C
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MA in Anthropology
With Cabrillo College since 2019

I am native of Los Angeles, California. I grew up in a predominantly latinx neighborhood where many kids were not expected to go to college. My goal was to attend college even though I didn't know what I wanted to do or what I wanted to be when I grew up. I loved archaeology as child but didn't pursue anthropology until I transferred to UCLA from Santa Monica Community College in Los Angeles.

During and after college, I had the opportunity to work on several archaeological projects in Perú, Ecuador, Belize, Hawaiʻi as well as in California as a field tech working in CRM (Cultural Resource Management) firms. While I was working as an archaeologist in Hawaiʻi, I decided to pursue my master's degree in anthropology at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa where I received a degree in Anthropology focusing on archaeological research conducted in the Northern Highlands of Ecuador, specifically on pre-colonial and Pre-Inka pottery.

Currently, I am the co-director of the Pambamarca Archaeological Project located in the northern highlands of Ecuador. Each summer, students come as part of our Foothill College archaeology field school, where they get to learn about survey, excavations, geophysics, lab methods, applied anthropology, and service learning projects. If you are interested, learn more here.

I also co-direct the Castles In Communities Archaeological Settlement Survey in Roscommon, Ireland, which is an anthropology field school organized through Foothill College. I will be teaching in Ireland this summer 2019. Here is more information if you are interested in joining us.

Filmed in 2017 in Ballintober, Ireland, this video highlights our anthropology project.