Audrey Blumeneau
Digital Media (DM)
Computer Applications and Business Technology (CABT)
Digital Media, Computer Applications/Business Technology

Summer Office Hours (June 14 - August 5):

Tuesday: 2:00pm-3:15pm

Thursday: 2:00pm-3:15pm 

Summer 2021 Classes: 

DM 4: Digital Graphics! 

DM 4 Introduces creation and editing of digital graphics, illustrations, photographs, and applied color theory for pre-press production and screen-based media. We will use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop! 

Fall 2021 Classes:


This course will introduce traditional and digital techniques used to create 2D animated imagery, design, and narrative stories. Emphasis on movement, timing, and expression. We will be using Adobe Animate and Photoshop.

CABT 121 - Effective Presentations

Covers current presentation software and techniques for in-person and virtual presentations. It will include learning beginning, intermediate, and expert features of Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as several other presentation software platforms, necessary to produce well-organized, consistently formatted, complex, professional-quality presentations.

Spring 2022 Classes: 

CABT 161 - Creating a Simple Website

More information coming soon!

Teaching Philosophy: 

First of all, I am passionate about teaching! I love sharing and exploring ideas and concepts using technology for web design, digital media and business applications. Whether it's coding HTML and CSS or applying concepts of user experience design, universal design, graphic design, or creating animations and presentations, there is something that will relate to pretty much any job (not just a web or graphic designer!). There are so many jobs that require skills that relate to these technologies and concepts of design.  

Secondly, I want you to have fun learning and exploring. Many concepts might be very new to you and it may feel overwhelming or uncomfortable or just plain awkward! Just like baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie, the first time might not come out so great, so, you try again and each time (hopefully!) they get better! Repetition, making mistakes, asking questions, collaboration, reflection and learning how to figure things out are what are going to help you become successful, in anything you do, whether it's school or work. 

Whichever class I am teaching, my goal is to help you gain confidence and insight, feel comfortable exploring areas and implementing concepts that seemed unattainable and provide you with technology and design skills that can open up job opportunities. My belief is that anyone from any background or ability can use these tools to create and convey ideas and or information!