Dr. Blanca Baltazar-Sabbah
Division Dean, Academic Counseling, Career and Educational Support Services

I am a first generation college student born to Mexican teenage parents. I immigrated to Watsonville, CA when I was three years old and was undocumented until I was in high school. My early experience picketing alongside my mother during the Watsonville Canning Strike and sitting through a deportation hearing inspired me to be a social justice advocate. After high school, I attended Cabrillo College and transferred to CSU Sacramento. In every position I've held as a high school teacher, counselor, or administrator, I've always focused on ensuring programs and services are available to support student meet their goals. For me, education has been the key to breaking the poverty cycle and with a lot of hard work, I earned both my M.A. Degree and Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from San Jose State University. My grandmother, Maria de Jesus Servin was one of my biggest advocates and my mentor.