David Kamoss RT/ARRT (R)(F)
Associate Instructor Medical Assisting Department
Medical Assisting
Aptos Campus

I have been an associate instructor in the MA department at Cabrillo College since 2012. I have taught a variety of classes in the MA department, and have specialized in Medical Terminology for the last 10 years.

In addition, I have earned Associate of Science Degree in Medical Assisting, I am a certified Radiology Technologist and and have completed my Phlebotomy Certification- all at Cabrillo. I understand both the student and instructor roles and experience at Cabrillo College.

I owe the success of my career as a MA and now as a RT to the amazing instructors that I had as a student at Cabrillo. I was fortunate in being offered a teaching position in the MA department in 2012, and I jumped at the chance. My core motivation in teaching at Cabrillo is to offer the same encouragement and support that I received as a student, and to ensure that we have a well-trained and educated pool of healthcare workers in Santa Cruz.