David Sheftman
Instructor of English
(831) 477-5652
Aptos Campus Office 511C

Welcome to Cabrillo. I've been teaching English courses full time at our college since 2000. My Master of Arts degree is in English, Teaching of Composition, from San Francisco State University. I am a native New Yorker from the city of Flushing in the borough of Queens. My hobbies include playing chess, playing guitar, collecting baseball cards (primarily New York Mets). My work at Cabrillo has also included being the past department chair of Journalism and teaching the newspaper production courses.

Please do reach out to me for help and from all our wonderful support services at Cabrillo. We are here to help you succeed. We are all facing traumatic conditions in our lives, so building community is a key step to our general well being and our ability to engage regularly and successfully with our academic studies.

Office Hours:

Spring '22, classes in Canvas begin Monday January 24th. Registered students: be sure to log in to class on the first day to get started on your required class orientation module and "get-to-know-me" questionnaire. Logging in the first day of class shows your active participation in the class, just as showing up the first day for a face-to-face class does.

For Spring 2022: Office hours are in Zoom once each week for one hour and twenty minutes. Please send me a Canvas inbox message to let me know which 15 minute block of time you would like. If no one else has scheduled a time, we can continue our conversation past 15 minutes. Below are Zoom office hour times:

ENGL 1A-13 Mondays 7:00-8:20 pm

ENGL 1A-14 Mondays 8:30-9:50 pm

ENGL 2-08 Thursdays 7:00-8:20 pm

ENGL 2-09 Thursdays 8:30-9:50 pm


  • Required course texts are available for purchase at our college's bookstore. Without the required texts, you will miss assignments that earn points toward your course grade

  • Students in ENGL 1A are required to take LIB 10 in the same semester (unless they passed LIB 10 in a previous semester). For help with your LIB 10 studies, contact your LIB 10 teacher.

  • Our class is fully asynchronous, meaning no Zoom meetings to deliver instruction. All study materials and assignments are in CANVAS. Weekly participation to show engagement is required; this means logging in at least twice per week and spending at least three hours minimum each week in the course. Failure to show weekly engagement is grounds for being dropped from the class.

  • There are many ways to communicate with your teacher in support of your studies: CANVAS inbox message, direct messaging in Pronto!, requesting a Zoom meeting, and attending office hours in Zoom (office hour is optional). Communicating is key!

  • Please visit our Student Success Center for a one-stop shop of helpful resources and services such as tutoring, Library access, Academic Counseling, Financial Aid, etc.