Denise Calafato Russo, ABD MS RD
Associate Faculty Nutrition
Flex Committe Coordinator
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Advisory Board Member
CCFT HASS Division Rep
Guided Pathways Professional Development Lead (Past)
Fall 2022: On campus (405A): T/Th: 10:45-11 am; Thu 12:40-12:55 Online: T: 8-9 pm; Wed 8-8:30 pm (Zoom link on Canvas homepage)

Eat well, play fit, is one of my catch phrases that I follow to frame my own life. A healthy lifestyle encompasses quality foods and a variety of play that is good for both body and mind. My passion for nutrition and fitness is founded in the science and research literature and it drives my teaching philosophy. Student success in this science-based topic is my goal! In my doctoral research I have learned that learning is best acheived when we share experiences and worldviews and discussion, using our critical thinking skills, and advancing our knowledge based on scientific evidence. Whether you are in my campus classroom or learning online, you participate in active-learning opportunities that apply real-life experiences or require you to find evidence from reliable resources. Here is what current students say about my class:

Spring, 2022 (online student): " working on assignments together made the class really fun and interesting because we both have different cultural backgrounds so we grew up eating different foods and we both had different views regarding nutrition before taking this class so it was interesting when we'd work on because of how different our nutritional knowledge was." JD

Spring, 2022 (in-person): "I will use my science skills to create a diet and meal plan to be healthier and happier. I will use my science based evidence to inform people that health choices are very important..... I have had a amazing learning experience in this class Denise has been one the best teachers I have ever had in my schooling career and I am very grateful for her." NA

Spring 2022 (online student): "Being that it is close to the end of the semester, it is easy now to diagnose and treat someone who is malnourished and figure out solutions. I now know what types of foods hold the right nutrients and vitamins and how much to consume. Both case studies this week really showed me that I've learned a lot these past weeks." LB

Spring, 2022 (in-person): "My experience in this class and the learning environment this semester was really really great and I would say this is one of my favorite classes I've taken yet. " CE

Fall, 2021 (online student): "Thank you for being attentive, understanding, and showing us your passion for this topic. It makes a world of difference when you can see the teacher enjoys what she is teaching and wants his/her students to succeed." LZ

Over and over, online students say "I wish I could have taken this class in-person." Whether you choose online or in-person, the learning opportutnities are consistent. The conversation around the topics, however, are often enriched through ongoing discourse.

Eat well, play fit!