Michelle Donohue
Dean of Student Services
Student Services

About Me:

  • I am the daughter of a single Mom who had to first live in poverty to keep us both safe. She fled her first marriage due to domestic violence and alcoholism.

  • I am the youngest in a blended family once my father adopted me at age 7.

  • I am the daughter of government workers who honorably and passionately served their local community.

  • I was an average student in college and under-prepared for college-level Math. I avoided Math!

  • I was an athlete and very involved student leader in all aspects of campus life.

  • I was a student assistant who worked on campus my entire college career.

  • My Hobbies: Reading, being creative, playing golf, watching movies, going on walks, drinking coffee

Words of Wisdom:

  • Get involved at Cabrillo as much as you can! Work on campus, join a club, attend events.

  • Connect with Cabrillo’s Career Development Office to pursue internships that put you in contact with professionals from your program of study.

  • Identify and select a mentor that you can check in with consistently. That may be one of your instructors, a supervisor, a staff member on campus or a community member. They can provide insights and encouragement along the way!