Dr. Ginger Charles
Ginger Charles, Ph.D.
Department Chair-Public Safety/Criminal Justice Instructor
Criminal Justice

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Department Chair-Public Safety/Faculty Criminal Justice
Dr. Ginger Charles

Ph.D.: Health Psychology, M.A.: Clinical Psychology, B.A.: Arts and Humanities, English

With Cabrillo College since 2019

Dr. Ginger Charles is a retired police sergeant with over 27 years in police operations. She is an active researcher and writer in the police community and culture, focusing on health risk factors and resiliency in police officers.

As a young police officer, Ginger was fascinated with behavior. This thirst for knowledge prompted her desire to continue her education, earning a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Health Psychology. Ginger continues to research and write about solutions and pathways towards health and wholeness in the police culture. She has written two books and several journal articles, as well as contributing several book chapters.

Dr. Charles is committed to "paying it forward," providing each student at Cabrillo College with the best learning environment within the Criminal Justice program. Regardless of the student's educational path, she promises to offer a "boots on the ground" approach rather than the ivory tower. She is dedicated to each student's success. It is her dream to be here at Cabrillo College.