One of my favorite quotes from Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu
Jackie (Jacquelynne) Logg

FALL 2021

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs, 11am-12:30pm, or by appointment


With Cabrillo College since 2007


Just a little about me:

I am a sociologist. I live and breathe sociology; it is my passion. I started my college career at a community college, then transferred and completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sociology. All along that route I knew that I wanted to teach sociology at the community college level, thus my years both in the ‘real world' and in academia were focused on learning all that I could both about my field and about teaching in general.

Additionally, I felt that it was important to apply what I was learning in school to the outside world. During the break between degrees mentioned above, I worked for a non-profit, low-income health clinic for 5 + years. That experience has proven to be one of the toughest, most meaningful, and rewarding journeys of my life. One of my strongest interests in Sociology, and life itself, is that of social justice. Working at an organization that dealt with the inequalities of class, race, and gender confirmed my desire to incorporate the realities of those inequalities (and others) into the ‘ivory tower' of the classroom. You will see that reflected in my teaching style, as well as my goal to make my classes interactive, collaborative, and enthusiastic!

I look forward to joining you on your educational journey,