John Robertson
Computer Applications/Business Technology
Aptos and Watsonville Computer Technology Center (CTC) labs

About John

I'm a scrappy, resourceful, do-it-yourselfer with a passion for business, music, science, data, coffee, cacti, old-school gaming, and people. I joined Cabrillo College to help students realize their goals, dreams, and highest form of self.

I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains where my saxophone was free to echo through the ridges and canyons. I moved to the Los Angeles area in 2006 to pursue music. In Southern CA, I worked in various positions: jazz musician, investment analyst, music equipment repair, recruiter, real estate analyst, college counselor, but most importantly — I fell in love with teaching. When opportunity took my family back to the Santa Cruz area in 2016, I chose to focus on teaching full-time so I would never again have to endure a cheesy-smiled person saying Always Be Closing (or, try to scrape together enough gigs to make rent!).

I love meeting people and I'd love to meet you. Come find me in the classroom or the CTC and let's chat about music, math, business, or argue over the best tacos in town.


Office & Lab Hours

I am available in the Watsonville computer lab (top floor of the A building and live over Zoom) Thursdays, 12 PM to 8 PM. I am also available by appointment.

Office hours are held per class: CABT 101 Monday before and after class (HW2210), CABT 160 Tuesday before and after class (A330), CABT 108 Wednesday 10 AM (virtual, see "TechConnect Zoom" in Canvas), CABT 43 and 44 Thursdays before class (A330).


See above for embedded contact links. My office phone is listed, but I do not check it often. Email is the best mode of contact.