Sammy The Seahawk
Flying By

Been with Cabrillo since 1960.

I appreciate all the student created artwork in my honor/image.

I would like to thank people like Katie Lipton for helping to keep my feathers looking so fresh.

I frequently fly by Cabrillo Events and have been know to join the Cabrillo Students at conferences and visits to Sacramento.

I would like to thank former ASCC Pres. Charlotte Achen for recalling details of my past:
60 years ago our founding President, Robert E. Swenson was out surveying the Porter Sesnon
Ranch, what would soon become the Cabrillo College campus. As he walked through the
grounds, he heard what sounded like crying come from a small bush.
Leaning over he found a young Seahawk who was struggling to fly. Upon closer inspection he
could see that the hawk’s wing had been broken. Knowing that the bird would surely die if left in
the wilds, he took it back to his office at Watsonville High school.
Over the next few months he helped the Seahawk, now named Sammy, get back to health. At
first, Sammy was shy; he stayed in the back of his cage and only came towards Mr. Swenson
when it was time to eat. Along with his wing, his confidence and trust in others had been
shattered. Slowly, Sammy not only healed, but grew in size and also more confident and trusting
of his caretaker.
It soon came time for Sammy to return home. With his wing healed, the young Seahawk flew
back to his family. Mr. Swenson and the first Student Senate were so inspired by this Seahawk,
they decided to immortalize him in the form of our mascot.
Just as Mr. Swenson took in Sammy, Cabrillo takes in students from all walks of life, assists
them in their journey and gives them the confidence and opportunities they need to succeed.
Although Sammy returned home, he’s never left Cabrillo... Even to this day Sammy can be seen
from time to time around campus. He continues to give back to what Cabrillo has given him.