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Keegan - UC San Diego

Collin - UCLA

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Honors Transfer Program
Quotes From Former HTP Students:
  • HTP transfer to UC Berkeley, US History Major -"I absolutely believe that the HTP made all the difference in being admitted into UC Berkeley. The program gave me access to certain opportunities which were otherwise unavailable (such as the Transfer Alliance Program with UC Berkeley, and the Annual Community College Honors Research Symposium), and the rigor of the program fully prepared me for my upper division coursework."
  • " Because the HTP is filled with like-minded, driven, and dedicated students, it is understandable that I made lasting and genuine friendships in the program. The success-oriented atmosphere of the program thrived on healthy competition, as we all pushed and continue to push one another to do well."
  •  " I was very motivated by both Michael Mangin and Michael Pebworth. It was always clear that these instructors genuinely and wholeheartedly want their students to succeed both in and beyond the classroom. Their dedication was certainly an inspiration to me to do well and pursue a career with a similar passion and dedication with which they conduct their work."
  • The HTP has certainly been one of the most beneficial and enjoyable experiences of my academic career, and I would absolutely recommend the program to any dedicated student who seeks to transfer to a great university.
  • HTP transfer to UCLA, Anthropology - "The Honors Transfer Program prepared me very well for academic life at UCLA. The coursework, the camaraderie, and the challenges that the professors presented to me have been important for my educational success. Both Michael Mangin and Dave Viglienzoni were excellent at their crafts, and the foundations they built for me have enabled me to succeed with vigor at a world class university."
  • HTP transfer to UC Berkeley, Art History - "I loved being in the Honors Program. My professors (all of them) were absolutely wonderful and I felt completely prepared transferring to a four-year. My advice: throw yourself into this program. You'll meet great people - students and professors - and be in an environment where hard work is rewarded."