Do you want to change the face of agriculture and learn by doing? Study Sustainable Agriculture Technology at Cabrillo college.

Ag Tech is the intersection of agriculture and technology; it is an emerging industry with new career opportunities. Sustainable Agriculture Technology students study horticulture and plant science curriculum and develop their skills in a broad range of agriculture technology topics including: data management, GIS mapping, networking technology tools on farm, producing plants in nutrient film technique, deep raft, ebb and flood, and substrate hydroponic production systems, electrical and hydraulic engineering basics, soil moisture sensing, and energy and water conservation.

How will robots, big data, drones, and vertical farms shape the agriculture and horticulture industries? No one yet knows!

Our goal is to create diversely trained Ag Tech graduates who are knowledgeable in high tech production systems and prepared to shape the future of sustainable, high tech agriculture. Course work crosses six departments so students will be prepared to combine skills in data management, computer information technology, geographic information systems, and engineering into plant science and high tech agriculture production.

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Upon completion, students will be prepared for emerging careers at the nexus of agriculture, technology, and sustainable food production including precision agriculture technicians, greenhouse managers, hydroponic growers, farmers, ranch or operations managers, field technicians and many more.


The primary objectives of this program are:

  1. To train horticulturalists skilled in plant production in multiple high tech growing systems.

  2. To provide each student with the fundamental knowledge of plant biology, plant production, agriculture research, technology tools, and computer literacy to make high tech agriculture more sustainable.

  3. To create opportunities for students to solve complex production, technology, sustainability, and research problems, resulting in more diversely trained horticulturists who are prepared to solve tomorrow's agriculture business problems.

Students will study across six academic departments including:

  • How Things Work in Engineering

  • Technology Tools in Computer Science

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems in Geography

  • Computer Network Fundamentals in Computer and Information Systems

  • Excel in Computer Applications/Business Technology

and many classes in Horticulture including:

  • Greenhouse Design and Operation

  • Irrigation Systems and Management

  • Hydroponic and Substrate Production


Degree Information

This program is designed for those wishing to go directly into employment in the agriculture and horticulture industries; therefore, students wishing to transfer to a Bachelor's degree should consult a counselor or consider the AS-T degree in Agriculture Plant Science.

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