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Diversity, Equity & EEO Plan

Cabrillo College is an equal opportunity employer

Cabrillo College is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks a diverse pool of qualified applicants. The policy of the College is to encourage applications from all persons. No person shall be denied employment because of ethnicity or race, color, sex or gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, medical conditions, status or protected veteran status. It is the continuing goal of Cabrillo College to hire and retain staff who reflect the rich diversity and cultural heritage of the college district and its student body.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

The Cabrillo Community College District's Equal Opportunity Plan reflects the District's commitment to equal employment opportunity. The District takes an active and aggressive approach to ensure equal employment opportunities and create a working academic environment, which is welcoming to all, fosters diversity, and promotes excellence.

EEO Advisory Committee

The EEO Advisory Committee meets quarterly to review best practices and develop training opportunities for the College.

  • Angela Hoyt, J.D. - Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations (Committee Chair)

  • Amy Mahoney- Human Resources Analyst

  • Anna Bartkowski- Title IX/Civil Rights Compliance Officer

  • Tasha Sturm- CCEU President, Science Laboratory Coordinator

  • Ariba Alston- CCEU, Program Coordinator Accessibility Support Center

  • Alta Northcutt-Director, Student Life and Welcome Services

  • Anna Zagorska- Faculty Senate President

  • Victoria Banales- Faculty Senate

  • Vacant- Faculty Member

  • Vacant- Student Representative I

  • Vacant- Student Representative II

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Glossary of Terms

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) Vision for Success states: Our vision is to the point: making sure students from all backgrounds succeed in reaching their goals and improving their families and communities, eliminating achievement gaps once and for all. The CCCCO has compiled a DEI Glossary of Terms as a guide to better understand several core concepts.

Just Report It

Cabrillo College is committed to creating a safe, supportive learning and working environment for all members of the campus community. Campus safety is our top priority, and we take all reports of misconduct seriously to protect everyone's health and well-being.

Unlawful harassment and discrimination is behavior based on someone's affiliation with a protected class that is so pervasive, persistent, or severe that it would prevent a reasonable person from taking advantage of the educational or employment opportunities Cabrillo has to offer. Please report unlawful harassment, discrimination, or retaliation by filling out this form. El formulario de queja está disponible en español aqui.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct includes gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking behaviors. To learn more about Cabrillo's reporting options and resources for sexual misconduct, please visit our Title IX website. Please report sexual misconduct by filling out this form. Información sobre el proceso de como reportar un incidente de Title IX están disponibles aquí. El formulario de queja está disponible en español aqui.

College Policies and Procedures Relating to Equity, Diversity and EEO
  • BP 3410- District Nondiscrimination Policy
  • AP 3410- District Nondiscrimination Procedures
  • AP3425- Equal Employment Opportunity 
  • BP 3430- Prohibition of Harassment Policy
  • AP 3430- Prohibition of Harassment Policy
  • AP 3435- Regulations for Prevention and Handling of Unlawful Discrimination and/or Harassment Allegations, Including Sexual Harassment 
  • BP 7100- Commitment to Diversity 
  • BP 7120- Recruitment and Hiring Policy
  • AP 7120- Recruitment Procedures