Employee Safety Training

Adaptive PE

Adaptive PE
Safe Work Practices

These Safe Work Practices are provided for your information and education. They are intended to provide you with basic safety and health information that will assist you in avoiding injury while performing your daily activities.

These Safe Work Practices are part of Section Two, Training and Education, of the Injury & Illness Prevention Program of Cabrillo Community College District, and are required by Section 3203 of Title 8, the mandatory safety legislation of Cal/OSHA. You are obliged to follow these Safe Work Practices while performing your work activities.


  1. 1. General Safe Work Practices-- Required for all Cabrillo employees
  2. 2. Department Specific Safe Work Practices Adaptive PE-- Required for all Adaptive PE employees
  3. 3. Bloodborne Pathogens: Category II-- Required for all Adaptive PE Instructors 

NOTE: Bloodborne Pathogen Training is required to be completed EVERY year.

Additional Safe Work Practices exist for employees of Adaptive PE as listed above. Items 1 and 2 are found in the Cabrillo IIPP. Item 3, Bloodborne Pathogen training is a separate program and can be found in a separate binder or on Cabrillo's safety website.

You are encouraged to contribute ideas to expand or improve these Safe Work Practices.

  1. Always use proper body mechanics when lifting individuals, weights, and equipment to avoid back injuries. Alternate position on transfers of upper and lower body ie., lift one- upper body position, lift two- lower body position.
  2. Always place mats and equipment out of the student's pathway.
  3. Check cables regularly on exercise equipment.
  4. Secure cords to avoid falling accidents.
  5. Check all exercise equipment on a regular basis to make sure it is operating correctly and safely.
  6. All instructors should have clear procedures in place in the event of an emergency.
  7. Employ proper techniques to avoid heat stress.