Employee Safety Training

Photography and Photo Journalism

Photography and Photo Journalism
Safe Work Practices

These Safe Work Practices are provided for your information and education. They are intended to provide you with basic safety and health information that will assist you in avoiding injury while performing your daily activities.

These Safe Work Practices are part of Section Two, Training and Education, of the Injury & Illness Prevention Program of Cabrillo Community College District, and are required by Section 3203 of Title 8, the mandatory safety legislation of Cal/OSHA. You are obliged to follow these Safe Work Practices while performing your work activities.

You are encouraged to contribute ideas to expand or improve these Safe Work Practices.

  1. A variety of chemicals are used in the processing of negative film and developing of photographs. All employees and students should be familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals used in the photography lab, including requirements of the Cabrillo Community College District Hazard Communication Program.
  2. Some individuals may have a sensitivity or susceptibility to developing rashes or superficial skin abnormalities when handling photographic chemicals. At the first indication of a skin condition developing, care should be taken to utilize protective gloves or barrier creams. Proper washing after handling processing chemicals and using an effective moisturizer can also help to control skin conditions.
  3. The ventilation system should be inspected as serviced on a regular basis.