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Retirement & Additional Pre-tax Savings Plans

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What is Offered:

Cabrillo College has two retirement plans available for employees, CalSTRS for Faculty and CalPERS for Staff. Employees can also choose to participate in the additional pre-tax savings plans available.

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California Public Employees' Retirement System
CalPERS Pension Plans

CalPERS retirement benefits are calculated using a defined formula rather than contributions and earnings to a savings plan. The member's years of service credit, age at retirement, and final compensation are used in the formula. Check out the CalPERS website for more information. 

California State Teachers' Retirement System
CalSTRS Pension Plans

CalSTRS provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits for full-time and part-time California public school educators. Faculty members Defined Benefit retirement benefit is based on a formula set by law using your age, service credit and final compensation. Check out the CalSTRS webiste for more information. 

Additional Pre-tax Savings Plans
403 (b) and 457 Plans

These pre-tax savings plans are offered by Envoy Plan Services, c/o MidAmerica (Third Party Administrator for TSA's)

Contribution limitations for 2024:

  • 403(b)- $23,000

  • 457(b)- $23,000

  • 2024 "Age 50+ Catch-up" $7,500 limit


Envoy Plan Services Contact Information:

  • Customer Service Number: (800) 248-8858, ext. 5402

  • Fax Number: (877) 513-2272

  • Mailing Address: PO Box 4037, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549

  • Website: