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The Cabrillo Password Reset application enables users to reset their Cabrillo account password, and/or unlock their account in the event that it has entered a locked state. The Password Reset Enrollment Guide has all the steps needed to enroll in the reset feature. When you are enrolled you can update your password at the Password Reset Page.

Google Workspace

To access your Google Workspace when you are logged in to your Cabrillo Google Account, select the "app launder" (the grid of squares dots in the top-right corner of a Google page) and choose the application you need.

Google Workspace Help Pages


Google Calendar

Google Drive 

General Google support

Google Accessibility

Google accessibility

Google Workspace user guide to accessibility

Google Workspace Status

Current Google Workspace Status Dashboard 

Google Short Links

Create a short custom link 

Send and receive faxes digitally

Phone Guides

Desk phone quick start guide - Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series PDF

Classroom phone quick start guide - Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series PDF

Voicemail Guides

Cisco Unity Voicemail User Guide PDF