Success Stories

Heidi Nyburg

Screenwriter Heidi Nyburg worked at Netflix as an analyst and a product manager and has always been interested in film and TV. During her time at Netflix, she took a screenwriting course that she enjoyed, so when she left Netflix, she decided to return to school. She had started at Cabrillo years prior but took time off to work full-time and still needed to finish her degree.

Heidi recalls thinking, "I love the idea of creating film and television, and I love writing." So, she went back to Cabrillo. While there, she took a journalism class to finish her degree and enjoyed it so much that she started working on the Cabrillo Voice.

"I really liked the community feel of the college newspaper," says Heidi.

In a media class, she heard advice from a guest speaker from Rolling Stone magazine that she uses to this day to avoid writer's block – when you are ready to finish writing for the day, make sure you know what scene you want to write next. That way, when you return to the project, you'll be ready to write and won't feel blocked.

Heidi credits everyone at Cabrillo for helping her transfer to San Jose State, where she was a President's Scholar and graduated cum laude in the radio/tv/film program. While at San Jose State, she wrote and directed several short films and especially enjoyed screenwriting. Heidi started a script there, and her professor moved her to the graduate level to complete the project.
After graduating, she entered screenwriting competitions and even won a few. She has a pilot featured on The Blacklist for Screenwriters website, has signed with a manager, has pitched a show to Netflix, and has a pilot with a producer and talent attached that she will be pitching soon. Heidi also directs and is active on the festival circuit.