Estrellas Fall 2023

The Estrellas program is a two-semester program for freshmen Cabrillo students. Through Estrellas new students are learning college skills, building a classroom community & receiving guided support during their first year. Estrellas is open to freshmen students who plan on transferring, getting their associate degree or want to complete a CTE program. Whatever your pathway the Estrellas program is here to guide you!

Estrellas includes

  • Guaranteed enrollment in Estrellas English 1A+, Library 10 & CG 51 for fall.

  • Education planning.

  • Assistance with choosing additional classes & registration.

  • Support from an academic advisor to help students stay on track!

  • 1 day orientation for new Cabrillo students.

  • Classes are offered at the Aptos & Watsonville campus for Fall 2023!

Estrellas Flyer for Fall 2023

Estrellas courses

All Estrellas students register for the courses listed below. Specific sections of these courses are for Estrellas students only. Estrellas counselor will work with students to plan additional courses if needed.

Fall 2023-7 units

English 1A/English 101A: Focus on culture, society and social justice.

CG 51: Teaches tools for academic and life success including college expectations, resources, facilities, requirements, and educational planning.

Library 10: Teaches information literacy and critical thinking skills and strategies (required with all English 1A enrollment)

Spring 2024-3 units

English 2 or English 2MC

Intersted in joining Estrellas?

Requirements to join Estrellas:

  1. Commit to taking the Estrellas program classes in Fall & Spring.

  2. Have an interest in taking English 1A/English 2 with a focus on ethnic studies, society and social justice.

  3. Apply to the program & attend the new student orientation.

Estrellas begins Fall 2023!