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Medical Assisting


General Questions


Yes. You can take MA70 - Medical Terminology and ENGL 1A-English Composition with completion of a grade of C or better. These are two of the prerequisite classes for the Medical Assisting Program. Please see the additional "frequently asked question" section below for specific information for prerequisite classes for the AMAP.

- Please see this document for detailed information on the current MA Program Cost

Application and Selection Process

Yes, AMAP accepts applications year round.

Yes. MA70 – Medical Terminology AND ENG 1A or the equivalent course.

No. We are only able to accept approximately 30 students per semester.

Approximately 30 students will be accepted into the program per Fall and Spring semester.

  • We conditionally accept the first 30 applicants pending verification of proper completion of prerequisites.

  • In order to be eligible for selection, a student must apply and attend a mandatory in-person orientation.

  • If there becomes a waitlist and more than 30 students attend the mandatory orientation and any of the first 30 students who were conditionally accepted, in the order they applied, defer, students who attend the mandatory orientation, outside of the first 30 applicants, and who meet the proper criteria for acceptance, will be entered into a computer-generated random selection process to take place of one of the 30 available spots.

  • If a student is not selected, they can be added to an alternate waitlist for the following semester.

This process is subject to change without notice.

Currently there is a waitlist. This is subject to change each semester.

No. However, if you are on the deferral / waitlist, please keep an eye out for communication from our program coordinator for follow-up in regards to your prior application and interest in the AMAP.

While in the Program

No. The medical assisting program is a full-time program. This is a cohort style program where students advance together and move through the program, in its entirety, together. Course registration is guaranteed to students accepted into the medical assisting program.

No. There is an option for Level III students, pending available clinical sites, to complete their externship hours over the summer. This class is MA-101 and held off campus in a clinical site.

Two semesters, on campus, and a third semester in an externship class with completion of 180 hours, off campus, in a clinical setting.