Phlebotomy FAQs

Phlebotomy Program Faqs

Prior to the Program


Yes. Students are required to take and pass with a "C" or above MA70 or a 3-unit medical terminology course from another community college or university prior to being eligible to take the phlebotomy series MA130A, MA130B, and MA130AL.

Yes. Students registered and on the waitlist for the phlebotomy courses must drop off verification of Hepatitis B vaccinations 1 and 2 AND WebAdvisor verification of completion of MA 70 (or transcripts from another college/university) to the Allied Health Office, Room HW2135 by the deadline date listed on WebAdvisor and in the Schedule of Classes.

Yes, we do not store previously submitted records. Students must submit the required documentation (verification of MA 70 course and immunization records) every time they apply for the program.

The approximate Program cost is currently around $280. This number includes the following program courses:

MA 130A – 1.5 units
MA 130AL - 1 unit
MA 130 B - 1.5 units
MA 102 (Phlebotomy Externship) - 2 units
The current price per unit is $46


MA70 teaches allied health students fundamentals of medical word building with emphasis on prefixes, word roots, suffixes, combining forms, abbreviations, and lay terms.


No. MA70 must be completed prior to taking MA130A, MA130B and MA130AL.

Several on campus and online classes are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

While in the Program

On Saturdays in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students must register and take all three phlebotomy courses (MA130A, MA130B and MA130AL) in the same semester.

No. However, you must complete the medical terminology prerequisite prior to the first day of the phlebotomy class.

The Phlebotomy externship course, MA 102, must be taken within one year of completing MA130A, MA130AL and MA130B. Students will be placed in a clinical site to complete externship hours immediately following the completion of the required MA 130A, MA 130AL, and MA 130B. Students should enroll in the externship course, MA102, for the semester immediately following the completion of MA130A, MA 130AL, and MA 130B.

Three semesters.

Semester 1: MA70 – Medical Terminology
Semester 2: MA130A, MA130B, MA130AL – Phlebotomy Series
Semester 3: MA102 – Phlebotomy Externship

MA70 is a prerequisite course that must be completed before taking the phlebotomy courses. The phlebotomy courses (MA130A, MA130B, MA130AL) must be taken prior to the phlebotomy externship.

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