Pre-calculus Readiness and Excellence Program (PREP)

Are you taking Math 4/Pre-calculus this Fall 2023?

  • Would you like to be more prepared for pre-calculus?

  • Would you like to learn pre-calculus with other like minded students?

  • Do you want to learn pre-calculus in a supportive, low stress environment?

  • Do you like free lunch and snacks?

If you answered yes to these questions, please complete the PREP Application, and a member of the PREP team will follow-up with you.

What is PREP?

  • PREP stands for Pre-calculus Readiness and Excellence Program

  • PREP includes a 2-week math intensive before the beginning of the spring semester, so you are ready-to-go on day 1 of our Math 4 class

  • PREP includes Friday afternoon class through-out the semester, where you will fine tune your pre-calculus skills in a low stress environment, so that you are ready for your next pre-calc quiz and/or exam

  • PREP builds your math community on campus, so that you will feel more confident and supported in your studies

PREP is sponsored by Cabrillo College MESA Program