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Cabrillo offers tuition-free classes in workforce skills and job training that are designed to improve your employ-ability, provide job-placement opportunities, or prepare you for more advanced college-level coursework.

Career Skills & Training Certificates Noncredit

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Global & Human Studies (GHS) Noncredit

Creative Arts & Design (CAD) Noncredit
Entrepreneurship & Business (EB) Noncredit
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Noncredit
Health & Public Service (HPS) Noncredit
Career & Academic Foundations (CAF)Noncredit

Career Certificates Coming Soon - Summer and Fall 2023

  • Accounting for Payroll Certificate - Summer 2023

  • Basic Office Skills I Certificate of Completion of Completion

  • Basic Office Skills II Certificate of Completion of Completion

  • Advanced Photography and Visual Media Certificate of Completion

  • Portrait Photography of Completion

  • CyberCamp Certificate - Summer 2023

  • De-escalation: Verbal Communication and Self-Defense Certificate - Summer 2023

  • Entry Level Construction Skills Certificate - Summer 2023

  • Global Citizen Certificate of Completion (N409A, N409B ALIGHT program) - Fall 2023

  • Medical Assisting Administrative Exam Certificate - Summer 2023

  • Medical Assisting Clinical Exam Certificate - Summer 2023

  • Public Safety Career Preparation Certificate - Summer 2023

  • Public Safety Reports, Evidence, and Testimony Certificate of Completion

  • Sustainable Construction and Blueprint Reading Cert of Completion


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