Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations
Acronym/ AbbreviationDefinition / Description
A&RAdmissions and Records Office
AAAssociate in Arts degree
AA-TAssociates in Arts for Transfer
AB1725Assembly Bill 1725 is landmark legislation that provides new direction and support for the community college. The bill's reforms fall into eight areas: Mission; Governance; Finance; New Programs and Services; Affirmative Action; Employment Policies; Accountability; Conditions and Appropriation for Reform.
AB540CA State law that allowed students meeting certain criteria to pay resident tuition rates
AB705CA State law that requires that a community college district or college maximize the probability that a student complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within a one year (or 3 years for ESL) using high school data if available in placement.
AB86Assembly Bill 86 funding is for planning and implementation grants. The intent of the legislature is to provide additional funding in 2015/16 to the regional consortia to expand and improve adult education.
ABCAdministrative Benefits Council
ACCESS Academic Counseling Career & Educational Support Services (formerly CESS)
ACCESSIn cooperation with UCSC, an academic bridge program for community college students interested in pursuing a career in research science. Its mission is to provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills that will increase their transfer eligibility and academic success, and lead to greater diversity among university undergraduates in the biomedical sciences. The program focuses on students whose academic goals and potential have been affected by disadvantageous circumstances and/or students who belong to groups with below-average UC enrollment rates. (not an acronym)
ACCJCAccrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
ACCTAccounting (Instructional Program)
ACEAcademy for College Excellence (formerly known as DBA, Digital Bridge Academy) (Student Learning Community)
ACHRO/EEOStatewide Association of Chief Human Resources Officers/Equal Employment EEO Officers
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act - A federal act which mandates full accessibility for students and employees with disabilities
ADAPTAdaptive Physical Education (instructional Program)
ADCAdministrative Council (administrative governance group)
ADJ(Adjunct) Adjunct Instructor - Temporary, Part-time
ADM##-##Administrative Management job number (“CL” followed by the last two digits of the current calendar year, followed by a dash, and then the number the position was assigned when it was created.)
ADTAssociate Degree for Transfer
AEBGAdult Education Block Grant
AEWAcademic Excellence Workshop
AGSAlpha Gamma Sigma (campus club - Student Honor Society)
AHArt History (Instructional Program)
AICAdministrator in Charge
ALHAllied Health (Instructional Program)
AMAPAccelerated Medical Assisting Program (Student Learning Community)
AMCAdministrators/Managers Council
ANTHRAnthropology (Instructional Program)
AODAlcohol and Other illicit Drug
APAccounts Payable (in Business Office)
APArt Photography (Instructional Program)
APAdministrative Procedure (found in current Cabrillo Policy Manual)
APAdvanced Placement (high school)
APDAcademic Program Director
APEAdaptive Physical Education – an instructional program (also known as ADAPT)
ARAdministrative Regulation (found in Cabrillo Policy Manual, but replaced by
ARCAssessment Review Committee (officially OARC)
ARP American Rescue Plan (round 3 of COVID relief)
ARTArt-Studio (Instructional Program)
ASAssociate in Science degree
ASCAccessibility Support Center (formerly DSPS)
ASCCAssociated Students of Cabrillo College
ASCCCAcademic Senate for the California Community Colleges. The statewide organization representing the faculty on matters of educational policy. Local academic senates also have rights and responsibilities related to local district governance.
ASLAmerican Sign Language (Instructional Program)
ASMAdministrative Services Managers
ASPDAcademic Specialist Program Director
AS-TAssociates in Science for Transfer
AstraCabrillo-wide Room/Conference Room Schedule software
ASTROAstronomy (Instructional Program)
ATHAthletics (Instructional Program)
AUOAdministrative Unit Outcomes (measures what administrative unit does for others) as opposed to SLO (student learning outcomes)
BBPBlood-borne pathogens
BBSBilingual/Bicultural Studies (Instructional Program)
BCBudget Committee
BECBusiness & Entrepreneurship Center
BELABusiness, English, and Language Arts Division
BIOBiology (Instructional Program)
BOGBoard of Governors. Appointed by the Governor, the Board establishes policy for the California Community Colleges
BOGWBoard of Governors fee waiver. This has been replaced by California College Promise Grant (CCPG).
BOSTBusiness Office Skills Technology (program)
BOTBoard of Trustees
BPBoard Policy (found in Cabrillo Policy Manual)
BSIBasic Skills Initiative (now managed by SEA)
BSLBenefit Selection List
BSMBusiness Services Managers
BSOBusiness Services Office
BSUBlack Student Union
BTBudget Transfer
BUSBusiness (Instructional Program)
CABTComputer Applications/Business Technology (Instructional Program)
CAHMCulinary Arts and Hospitality Management (Instructional Program)
CalWORKsCalifornia Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids – a categorically funded program for colleges serving low-income families; student and dependent child are receiving TANF funding
CAPCareer and Academic Pathway (GP term for ‘meta-major’)
CAPCabrillo Advancement Program (Student Learning Community)
CARECooperative Agencies Resources for Education – a categorically funded program for colleges serving single parent students with dependent child; parent or dependent child is receiving TANF funding
CARES actThe Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748) provides one-time Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) grants for institutes of higher education to help address the immediate needs of students and colleges in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
CBACollective Bargaining Agreement
CBOChief Business Officer (aka Vice President of Administrative Services)
CBUCollective Bargaining Unit
CCCApplystudent online application
CCEUCabrillo Classified Employees Union (certified May 1, 2007)
CCFTCabrillo College Federation of Teachers (faculty union)
CCNACisco Certified Network Associate. Part of the networking academy; in cooperative effort with Cabrillo it produces computer skills certificates and is part of CIS
CCPGCalifornia College Promise Grant (formerly BOGW)
CEContract Education, housed in Extension
CEMConstruction and Energy Management (Instructional Program)
CEOChief Executive Officer (aka President/Superintendent)
CESSCounseling and Educational Support Services (now ACCESS)
CFRACalifornia Family Rights Act
CGCounseling and Guidance
CHACCabrillo Hispanic Affairs Council (now CLAC)
CHEMChemistry (Instructional Program)
CIOChief Instructional Officer (aka, Vice President of Instruction)
CIPClassification of Instructional Programs
CIPCouncil for Instructional Planning
CISComputer and Information Systems (Instructional Program)
CJCriminal Justice (Instructional Program)
CL##-##Classified job number (“CL” followed by the last two digits of the current calendar year, followed by a dash, and then the number the position was assigned when it was created.)
CLAC Chicano/Latino Affairs Council (formerly CHAC)
CMPCabrillo Master Plan
COChancellor’s Office (for California Community Colleges)
COECounty Office of Education
COLACost of Living Adjustment
COMMCommunication Studies (Instructional Program)
CPCCollege Planning Committee
CPLCredit for Prior Learning
CRComputing Resources - Former term for IT and may still be official term in database
CR##-##Certificated job number (For Academic/Faculty recruitment, this number is always “CR” followed by the last two digits of the current calendar year, followed by a dash, and then the number the position was assigned when it was created.)
CRCCCurriculum Reporting for Community Colleges
CRRSAACoronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021
CSComputer Science (Instructional Program)
CSLOCourse Student Learning Outcome
CSMTComputer Systems Maintenance Tech
CSSOChief Student Services Officer (aka Vice President of Student Services)
CSUMBCalifornia State University, Monterey Bay
CTCComputer Technology Center
CTECareer Technical Education
CWEECooperative Work Experience Education
DAADivision Administrative Assistant. Now known as IDA
DACADeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
DANCEDance (Instructional Program)
DASDivision Accounting Specialist
DATATELCabrillo’s “Datatel Colleague” integrated computer system (see CORE)
DBADigital Bridge Academy (now known as ACE – Academy for CollegeExcellence)
DCDepartment Chair
DCDivision Coordinator
DEDistance Education
DFEHDepartment of Fair Employment and Housing
DHDental Hygiene (Instructional Program)
DMDigital Media (Instructional Program)
DMAGData Management Advisory Group
DMCPDigital Management Career Preparation (Instructional Program related to ACE)
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DSADivision of State Architect
DSPSDisabled Student Program and Services (Now called ASC)
DualEDual Enrollment
DWDDegrees When Due
EC / Ed CodeCalifornia Education Code: The body of law concerned with education. Over 2,000 statutes cover community colleges.
ECEEarly Childhood Education (Instructional Program)
ECOILEducation Centers and Online & Innovative Learning
ECONEconomics (Instructional Program)
Ed PlanElectronic Student Education Plan (necessary for registration and financial aid, found on WebAdvisor)
EDUCEducation (Instructional Program)
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
EERAEducation Employment Relations Act, regulates collective bargaining.
ELCEnglish Learning Center
EMPEducational Master Plan
ENGLEnglish (Instructional Program)
ENGREngineering (Instructional Program)
EOPSExtended Opportunity Program and Services - a categorically funded program for colleges serving educationally and economically disadvantaged students
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
ESEnvironmental Science (Instructional Program)
ESLEnglish as a Second Language (Instructional Program)
ETECHEngineering Technology (Instructional Program)
F FactorRelates to Flex Week credit calculation
F1-VisaAn F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for those wishing to study in the U.S. You must file an F1 visa application if you plan on entering the US to attend Cabrillo
FAFinancial Aid
FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aid
FAOFinancial Aid Office
FEHCFair Employment & Housing Commission
FELIFaculty Experimental Learning Institute
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FlexFlexible faculty schedule (annually 9 days of faculty staff development)
FlexWeek of flexible faculty schedule prior to the beginning of a Cabrillo Semester
FMLAFamily Medical Leave Act
FMPFacilities Master Plan
FONFaculty Obligation Number
FPCFacilities Planning Committee
FPPOFacilities Planning and Plant Operations (formerly M&O)
FRFrench (Instructional Program)
FSAFaculty Service Area (used for faculty layoff and reassignment purposes defined in CCFT contract)
FTFire Technology (Instructional Program)
FTEFFull-Time Equivalent Faculty
FTESFull-Time Equivalent Student
FTTWFast Track to Work program – discontinued; see SRSN
FYFiscal Year
FYEFirst Year Experience (Student Learning Community to prepare students for academic success as new college students)
GEGainful Employment (Federal reporting requirement)
GEGeneral Education
GEOGGeography (Instructional Program)
GEOLGeology (Instructional Program)
G-MUGGrant Managers User Group
GOGrants Office
GOALGreater Opportunity for Adult Learning (formerly AEBG)
GOMOPROGrants Office, Marketing Office, and PRO
GPGuided Pathways
GPAGrade point average
GRMNGerman (Instructional Program)
H1-VisaThe H-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H). It allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Cabrillo does not currently sponsor employees through this program.
HASSHuman Arts and Social Sciences Division
HAWKHealth, Athletics, Wellness and Kinesiology Division
HAZ MATHazardous Materials
HEERFHigher Education Emergency Relief Fund part of the CARES act to help address the immediate needs of students and colleges in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
HISTHistory (Instructional Program)
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization: Health care delivery system, which accepts exclusive responsibility and financial risk for providing, specified services to a defined population.
HONRSHonors (Instructional Program)
HORTHorticulture (Instructional Program), also name of building/location
HRHuman Resources department
HSHealth Science (Instructional Program)
HSACHigh School Articulation Council
HSERVHuman Services (Instructional Program)
IAInstructional Assistant (classified position)
IACInstructional Administrator Council
ICInstruction Council
IDAInstructional Division Assistant (classified position)
IECInstitutional Effectiveness Committee
IEPIThe Institutional Effectiveness and Partnership Initiative
IGETCIntersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum
IIPPInjury & Illness Prevention Program
ILCIntegrated Learning Center (location: Watsonville Campus)
IPAInstructional Procedures Analyst
IPEInclusive Participatory Experience
ISERInstitutional Self-Evaluation Report (for Accreditation)
ISLOInstitutional Student Learning Outcome
ISSInstitutional Set Standard
ITInformation Technology (formerly CR, Computer Resources)
ITALItalian (Instructional Program)
JAPANJapanese (Instructional Program)
JOURNJournalism (Instructional Program)
JTPAJob Training Partnership Act (a federally funded job training program)
KINKinesiology (Instructional Program) (formerly PE)
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LIBRLibrary (instructional Program), also name of building/location
LRCLearning Resources Center
LRMLearner Relationship Management
LSLearning Skills
LTOLateral Transfer Opportunity
MAMedical Assisting (Instructional Program)
MAMaster in Arts Degree
MATHMathematics (Instructional Program)
MEPMinority Engineering Program
MESAMath, Engineering, and Science Achievement program (Student Learning Community)
METEOMeteorology (Instructional Program)
METPPMigrant Education Teacher Preparation Program
MISManagement Information System
MLCMath Learning Center
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MQsMinimum Qualifications. Replaces California Community College credentials for state-defined academic qualifications related to faculty hiring
MSMaster in Sciences
MUSMusic (Instructional Program)
NNursing (Instructional Program)
NASNatural and Applied Sciences Division
NEBNet Ending Balance
NextUpRenamed CAFYES (Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support) program
O*NETOccupational Information Network
OARCOutcomes Assessment Review Committee (aka ARC)
OCEANOceanography (Instructional Program)
OLOnline course offering
OLOverload (referring to faculty salary schedule)
OLAOrganization of Latino Americans
PCProgram Coordinator
PCNPosition Control Number (budget-related position number)
PCTEPerkins Career and Technical Education Act
PDProfessional Development (previously PETL/Professional Engagement and Transformation Learning Committee)
PDAProfessional Development Activity
PDCProfessional Development Council
PERSPublic Employees' Retirement System
PhDDoctorate of Philosophy
PHILOPhilosophy (Instructional Program)
PHYSPhysics (Instructional Program)
PIEProgram Improvement and Effectiveness
PIOPublic Information Officer
PITProgram Implementation Team (for Guided Pathways)
PLTLPeer Led Team Learning
PMIProject Management Institution
POPurchase Order
PPOPreferred Provider Organization is a network of health care providers who contract for discounted fee-for-service rates with payer (insurance company or employer) of such services. The payer provides benefit incentives to encourage the use of the contracted provider.
PRPurchase Requisition
PROPlanning and Research Office
PRTPartnership Resource Teams - part of the IEPI
PSPolitical Science (Instructional Program)
PSProgram Specialist
PSLOProgram Student Learning Outcome
PSRTProgram Self-Reflection Template (part of the PIE process)
PSYCHPsychology (Instructional Program)
PUENTEIntensive writing, counseling and mentoring project to help Mexican American/Latino students stay in school, enroll in college, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors.
REReal Estate (Instructional Program)
READReading (Instructional Program)
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude (for facilities project budgeting)
RT Radiologic Technology (Instructional Program)
SACStudent Activities Center
SAMStandard Accountability Model
SARSGRID Software application for scheduling counseling appointments
SASSenior Accounting Specialist (classified position)
SBDCSmall Business Development Center
SDLCStroke and Disability Learning Center (also known as the Stroke Center)
SEAStudent Equity and Achievement Program (manages services provided by SSSP and BSI)
SEPStudent Equity Program (now managed by SEA)
SEPStudent Educational Plan
SESAGStudent Equity and Success Advisory Group
SESSCStudent Equity and Success Steering Committee
SJSUSan Jose State University
SLOStudent Learning Outcomes (measures knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes students gain)
SLSSign Language Studies (Instructional Program, now ALS)
SMESubject Matter Expert
SOAAScale of Adoption Self Assessment
SOCSociology (Instructional Program)
SOCStandard Occupational Classification
SPANSpanish (Instructional Program)
SPECS(Scholars Program for Engineering College Students) Cluster term for departments working together in the HASS Division
SPEDSpecial Education (Instructional Program)
SQLStructured Query Language
SRCStudent Resource Center (location: Watsonville Center)
SRSNStudent Resource & Support Network, consists of the following student services programs: CalWORKs, CARE, EOPS, WIOA
SRTKStudent Right-to-Know
SSCTStudent Support & Care Team
SServStudent Services
SSMStudent Success Metrics
SSSPStudent Success and Support Programs. Now managed by SEA program
STEAMScience, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
STRSState Teachers' Retirement System
SWPStrong Workforce Program
TATeaching Assistant
TATheater Arts (Instructional Program)
TACTechnology Advisory Committee (now TC)
TAGTransfer Admission Guarantees
TCTechnology Committee (formerly Technology Advisory Committee)
TCTutoring Center
TESLTeaching English as a Second Language
TESOLTeachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
TLA"Three Letter Abbreviation" or "Three Letter Acronym"
TLCTeaching and Learning Center
TOPTaxonomy of Programs
TSATax Sheltered Annuity
TUsTeaching Units
UCSCUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
UCSCUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
URMUnderRepresented Minorities
VAPAVisual, Applied and Performing Arts Division
VATEAVocational Applied Teacher Education Act
VPVice President
VPASVice President, Administrative Services (aka CBO and formerly Vice President of Business Services)
VPIVice President, Instruction (aka CIO)
VPSSVice President, Student Services (aka CSSO)
VTEAVocational-Technical Education Act (Perkins)
WWelding (Instructional Program)
WIAWorkforce Investment Act. Now WIOA
WIOAWorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act – a federally funded program serving dislocated worker or low-income adult students
WSWomen’s Studies (Instructional Program)
WSCHWeekly Student Contact Hours