Student Health Services

About Our Services

Our no-cost and low-cost services include:
  • Direct medical services for acute illnesses and injuries
  • First aid
  • Personal counseling by appointment
  • Group counseling
  • Birth control, STI (sexual-transmitted infections) testing and treatment, pap smears, condoms, emergency contraception (morning after pill), and pregnancy testing
  • FamilyPACT enrollment and billing - the state of California may pay for your sexual health services
  • Routine immunizations and Allied Health program-required immunizations
  • Physical examinations for school transfer, athletics, and work/school requirements
  • Laboratory tests, TB testing, Strep throat screening
  • Wellness counseling and education
  • Referrals to appropriate community medical resources
  • Health education materials and classes
  • Wellness workshops
  • Weekly groups
  • Completion of medical insurance claim forms for on- or off-campus college-related accidents

Appointments for all of the above services can be made by calling (831) 479-6435, by e-mail to Health Services, or in-person at Student Health Services (Room 912, next to the cafeteria, Aptos campus). Please check the homepage for our clinic hours during the COVID-19 Pandemic.