In Case of an Emergency During the Day

  • True emergencies: Call 911 first, and then contact SHS at (831) 479- 6435. During SHS hours, a staff member may be available to respond at your location on campus.
  • First aid: Student Health Services (SHS) staff is available during regular hours for first aid services for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the Cabrillo College campus. After hours, please contact the sheriff's office at (831) 479-6313.
  • Urgent care: Staff members are available at SHS for urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses during regular SHS hours on the Aptos and Watsonville campuses.

Emergency and urgent medical services are available 24 hours daily at Dominican Hospital, 1555 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz. The hospital is located approximately 5 miles north of the College on Soquel Drive, and can be reached either by following Soquel Drive North, or taking Highway 1 North to the Soquel Drive exit. Watsonville Hospital is also available 24 hours daily, and is located off Airport Boulevard in Watsonville.

Students involved in an accident or incidental injury on campus must file an Incident/Injury Form at SHS. These forms are available from most division offices, can be downloaded from our Website, or can be obtained in hard copy from SHS. Please call us if you have questions about this form.

In Case of an Emergency After Hours

  • CALL 911. Do not hesitate to call 911 if there is any question about the need for advanced life support, if you are uncomfortable with the situation at hand, or if you are unsure about the seriousness of the medical or emergency situation.
  • Or, call the on-campus deputy for response at (831) 479-6313 or (831) 471-1121 between 7 am and 12 midnight, 7 days per week. All deputies are trained in first aid and can triage injuries.
  • Injured students must contact SHS. Cabrillo carries liability insurance for student injuries on campus as secondary insurance in addition to whatever health or accident insurance the student may already have. Students may have their injuries treated at any medical facility they choose. Cabrillo insurance benefits can only be paid after the appropriate claim has been filed with our carrier. Students should contact SHS for claim forms as soon as possible to assure coverage.
  • Injured employees must contact HR. Worker's Compensation claims must be filed with the HR office in order to assure appropriate and timely coverage. Instructions regarding access to care for Worker's Comp situations are available in all departments on the "Notice to Employees" poster.
  • Complete an Incident/Injury Form. Students or instructors are responsible for filing an Incident Report for any health-related situation or incident in their classes. These forms are available on the Web (see link above) and hard copies are available in the mailroom; they are important communication devices, are confidential, and are necessary in order to make sure that our employees and students receive the coverage and services they need. These forms must be filled out for all on-campus emergencies or accidents. For employee accidents or injuries, these forms should be forwarded to Sue Torres in HR; and for student accidents or injuries, the form can be sent to SHS or Sandi Moore in Student Services.

Additional Information for Employees

  • First aid kits are located in all division offices and in approximately 25 other places around campus. Identify the closest first aid kit to your classroom or office and check out its contents. 
  • We now have about a dozen defibrillators located around campus.
  • Blood-borne pathogen spill/containment buckets are located around campus.
  • CPR or first aid certification. CPR and first aid classes are offered at the Aptos-La Selva Fire Department (831) 685-6690, the American Red Cross (831) 462-2881, and Dominican Hospital (831) 462-7709.