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Summer Migrant Program

The Summer Migrant Program

Is a 6-week program that has existed since 1989 as a partnership between Cabrillo College and Pajaro Valley Unified School District and runs from June through July at the Cabrillo Watsonville Center.

During the six weeks, students take an English course and a college success strategies course (CG51) and have the opportunity to visit CSU and UC campuses. The Summer Migrant Program challenges students, helps them gain confidence, provides them with knowledge about college resources, and helps them feel at home at Cabrillo College. Students will receive excellent and encouraging tutoring support from a friendly team of trained tutors.

For more information about the Summer Migrant Program

Please call (831) 477-3381 or email us at

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Hear from our previous participants!
What was your favorite part of the Summer Migrant Program?

All my tutors, because they told me that it can be really fun to go to college and gave me a lot of support in my classes.

Mis tutores, porque ellos me ayudaron en todo lo que yo pedia. La maestra y los tutores, porque con la maestra aprendi como hacer ensayos, y los tutores me ayudaron a entender mas, ya que algunas cosas en ingles yo no entendia y ellos me ayudaron. Tanto tambien con algunas de mis tareas. :)

Mrs. Banales, she's a great teacher. Her teaching is amazing!

Some of the people that made a difference this summer was my friends that I made in my English class.

New friends, staff, and tutors. They helped me with all the things I needed.

This is a great program, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be part of it and learn more about Cabrillo.
— Former Summer Migrant Program Attendee