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Sustainability at Cabrillo

At Cabrillo, we are committed to doing our part as we move towards a more sustainable future, for our campus, and the world. Please explore this website and learn more about the resources and opportunities available to students, staff and faculty.


Campus Sustainability

Water on Campus

Specific water station locations:

In an effort to reduce use consumption of drink containers, we offer filtered water stations on campus.

Upper Campus
Lower Campus
Athletic Fields
Waste on Campus

Divert 75

With state-mandated AB 341, Divert 75 was created to divert 75% of our total waste away from our landfill and into more sustainable options such as composting, recycling, and reusing. Recycling ♻ bins can be found throughout the campus.

Green Energy and Buildings on Campus


We aim to be energy and green conscious in our building to strive for a healthy space we work and learn. The Horticulture Department greenhouse facilities includes photo-voltaic panels - allowing light to pass through for the plants while also generating clean energy.


Lights in the buildings are motion censored. This helps reduce energy use.

Transportation to Campus

Charging Stations

Cabrillo offers Aptos Campus EV Charging Stations.

Bike Co-op

Cabrillo offers options to help students faculty and staff avoid the parking hassles and find more sustainable alternatives to the Single-Occupant-Vehicle (SOaV) commute, including bikes & buses. Visit our Bike Co-Op Program for many resources.

Bus Pass

Our community has a great bus system! Get a bus pass.