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Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

About Sustainability at Cabrillo

At Cabrillo College, we are steadfastly dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable future through an integrated approach, both for our campus community and for the world at large. We recognize the importance of nurturing an socially and ecologically just and environmentally thriving future and fostering this culture among our students, staff, and faculty. Join us ~ all are welcomed ~ students, faculty and staff ~ woven through the fabric of who we are at Cabrillo!

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Earth Week Events 2024!

  • April 22 - 28th
    Cabrillo College Earth Week
  • April 19th, 6-7:30 pm, Samper Recital Hall
    Native Land Stewardship Panel
    • Will feature three student/employees sharing in regards to the topic.

  • April 19th, 6:30 pm, Rio Theatre
    Upcycling Fashion Show with Santa Cruz Envrioteens
  • April 20th, Cooper St and Abbott Square
    City of Santa Cruz Earth Day
    • For More Information:

    • City of Santa Cruz Earth Day reminder that the compostable food service ware (cups, plates, forks etc. CANNOT be placed in our yellow bins). Anything other than actual food must be removed by hand by humans when it gets to the landfill and before is is slow composted in windrows!

  • April 22nd, 2:30-4:30 pm, Aptos Campus: Upper Quad
    ES 50 Sustainability Showcase & Sustainability Fair
    • Students will showcase class sustainability projects and lead attendees through a planting event.

  • April 22, 12pm - 4pm, Rom 913
  • April 23rd, 11-2, near the Aptos cafeteria
    ES15: Sustainability Showcase & Sustainability Fair
    • Join us for activities to celebrate our Mother Earth!

    • Students will showcase projects; local organizations will have tables with information

  • April 23, 11pm - 4pm, Rom 913
  • April 23rd, 12:30-1:30, Rom 801
    Community Cycling and Bike Safety Workshop
  • April 24th, 3-5pm, Watsonville Campus
    ES50: Sustainability Showcase & Sustainability Fair
    • Students will showcase class sustainability projects and lead attendees through a planting event.

  • April 28th, 6-8:30pm, Samper Recital Hall
    Cabrillo Talks
    • Features 6-8 speakers of the Cabrillo Community highlighting experiences and stories.

    • Faculty and Staff, You can register in the VRC for Flex Credit

Campus Sustainability

Tour Sustainability on Campus

Water drops
Water Stations on Campus

Specific water station locations:

In an effort to reduce use consumption of drink containers, we offer filtered water stations on campus.

Upper Campus
Lower Campus
Athletic Fields
Recycle Symbol
Waste on Campus

Divert 75

With state-mandated AB 341, Divert 75 was created to divert 75% of our total waste away from our landfill and into more sustainable options such as composting, recycling, and reusing. Recycling and compost ♻ bins can be found throughout the campus.

image of a building
Green Energy and Buildings on Campus


We aim to be energy and green conscious in our building to strive for a healthy space we work and learn. The Horticulture Department greenhouse facilities includes photo-voltaic panels - allowing light to pass through for the plants while also generating clean energy.


Lights in the buildings are motion censored. This helps reduce energy use.

LEED Platinum-Certified Building

The Solari Green Technology Center in Watsonville - a shining example of Cabrillo's commitment to sustainability, and our first-ever LEED Platinum-certified building, setting the benchmark for eco-conscious design and innovation.

Transportation to Campus

Charging Stations

Cabrillo offers Aptos Campus EV Charging Stations.

Bike Co-op

Cabrillo offers options to help students faculty and staff avoid the parking hassles and find more sustainable alternatives to the Single-Occupant-Vehicle (SOaV) commute, including bikes & buses. Visit our Bike Co-Op Program for many resources.

Bus Pass

Our community has a great bus system! Get a bus pass at the Cabrillo Welcome Center. There is no additional cost for the bus pass since the expenses are already covered by the student fees.

Visit the Bike Co-Op Today!

The Bike Co-op provides the Cabrillo Community with bike tool access, mechanical training, work space, and discounted parts to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of carbon-free, sustainable, low-cost transportation.

From brakes to bottom brackets, the Cabrillo Bike Coop has been providing space, tools and knowledge to students, faculty and community members for more than a decade. The Bike Coop is located beneath the cafeteria on the Aptos campus, in room 913c...The Coop also hosts events, including group bike rides and movie nights.

Sustainability Degree Programs

  • Biology A.S.

  • Geography A.A.

  • Bilingual/Bicultural Studies A.A.

  • Environmental Science A.S.

  • Energy Management A.S. Degree

  • Sustainable Agriculture Technology A.S

Sustainability and Environmental Studies A.S

Sustainability Certificates

  • Basic Energy Management

  • Permaculture Skills Certificate

  • Anti Bias Curriculum ECE

  • Solar Derived Energy Management Skills Certificate

  • Sustainable and Organic Food Production Skills Certificate

  • Sustainability Certificate

    Sustainability Courses

  • ES 10/ES10L Introduction to Environmental Science

  • ES 15 Energy for a Sustainable Future

  • ES 50: Action for Sustainability

  • ENGL24A/B Native American Prose & Poetry

  • GEOG 1 Physical Geography

  • GEOG 2 Cultural Geography

  • GEOG 3 Introduction to Weather & Climate

  • GEOL 10 Physical Geology

  • HS 24 Environmental Health

  • HORT 176 Permaculture Design

  • HORT 70 Organic Agriculture

  • HORT 170 Sustainable Landscaping

  • HORT 164 California Native Plants and Plant Communities

  • SOC 2 Contemporary Social Problems

  • SOC 3 Race Ethnicity & Society

  • SOC 4 Gender and Society

  • SOC 5 Introduction to Latino/a Studies

  • ENGR 98A Global Engineering

  • ANTHR 1 Introduction to Anthropology: Biological

  • ANTHR 2 Introduction to Anthropology: Cultural

  • ANTHR 6 Peoples and Cultures of Non-Western Tradition: California

  • ANTHR 7 Peoples and Cultures of Non-Western Tradition: North America

  • ASTRO 7 Planetary Climate Science

  • BBS 32 Issues of Linguistic ad Cultural Diversity in Education, History, and Politics

  • COMM 12 Intercultural Communication

  • OCEAN 20 Oceanography

  • BIO 11B Marine Biology

  • BIO 11C Ecology

  • HIST 24 History of California

  • HIST 27A/B Native American Literature and History

  • WS 1 Introduction to Women's Studies

  • WS 2 Global Perspectives on Women and Gender

Student Sustainability Council

With the passage of the Sustainable Purchasing Resolution and the institution of a Transportation Fee, join the Student Senate and Cabrillo students' commitment to campus and community sustainability.

Natural History Club

The Natural History Club gives students exposure in the natural sciences through educational outdoor experiences and student-organized discussions with professionals in the field.

Engineering Abroad Club

The Engineering Abroad Club is a support organization for students is the service-learning, Engineering Abroad Program. The club provides community service in an effort to educate the public. E-mail the Engineering Abroad club.


Cabrillo College is a annual member.

Students, Facuty and Staff - Use your Cabrillo Email address to join for FREE and get access to many resources and opportunities.

Sustainable Culture Sub-Committee of Faculty Senate

Culture - Curriculum - Conversation

Join the committee as we spend our time together to consider these questions and facilitate campus-wide conversations and development of curriculum for a sustainable future. We meet in spaces on campus that offer inspiration!

  • What does it mean for Cabrillo to have Sustainable Culture?´

  • What does it mean to thrive?

  • What does your better world look like?

  • How does your discipline contribute to the vision we want?

  • How can efforts in your discipline interrupt unsustainable activities?

Sustainable Curriculum Working Group meetings are once a month. We share food and conversation about engaging our campus community with sustainability ideas across disciplinary boundaries.

Interested in adopting Sustainability Curriculum for your Course?

We have a Canvas shell with tons of helpful resources. Email us to get the enrollment link.

Sustainability and Climate Planning Committee

Join us for Campus Sustainability Planning

We meet every second Friday of the month at 2:00 pm during the school year.

Cabrillo Sustainability Plan

This Plan was completed in May 2016 and approved by the Board of Trustees in fall of 2016. It was developed using the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office Sustainability Plan Template with input from various Cabrillo stakeholders, by the Sustainability and Climate Planning Committee.

Cabrillo Facilities Planning and Plant Operations (FPPO) This document contains a detailed list of completed, current and proposed energy efficiency projects at all Cabrillo campuses (Aptos and Watsonville) as of January 2014.

Sustainable Purchasing Resolution

Thanks to the efforts of the Cabrillo Sustainability Council, the Inter-Club Council (ICC) and Student Senate passed a sustainable purchasing resolution in 2011. This resolution requires all clubs, their members, and the Student Senate to purchase and use sustainable products for all club or Student Senate events, on and off campus.

Sustainability Initiatives in Action
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