Cabrillo Transfer Services


Transfer simplified with MyPath2ASU

Choose from more than 400+ course-by-course major maps that lead to on-ground and online ASU bachelor’s degrees.

By picking a major and identifying your transfer institution, MyPath2ASU helps to identify what courses to take at your transfer institution for your ASU major. Save time and money, and minimize loss of credit during your transfer journey.

Top Cabrillo Transfer Majors to ASU

  • Information Technology

  • Business Administration

  • Psychology

  • Criminal Justice

  • Health Science

Benefits of MyPath2ASU

Through this partnership, students using MyPath2ASU will find their transfer experience simplified. They will have access to personalized benefits to help them naviagate the transfer experience, to include:

  • Earn guaranteed general admission to ASU and to your MyPath2ASU major of choice if all requirements are satisfied. (Some majors have additional or higher admission requirements.)

  • Save time and money by planning your path to degree completion.

  • Select classes through customized course-by-course pathways to minimize loss of credit.

  • Connect with ASU transfer coordinators and receive pre-enrollment services and invitations to special ASU events.

  • Prepare academically with personalized communication for your major of choice

The MyPath2ASU pathways program is based on a minimum of 24 transfer credit hours; students with fewer than 24 credit transfer credit hours will need to meet the appropriate admission requirements. International students will need to meet international admission requirements.