Cabrillo Transfer Services

Transfer Admission Guarantee

Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)

for Fall 2022 Admission

What is TAG?

A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a program for California community college students to earn a guaranteed acceptance to a university. There are six participating University of California (UC) that offer TAG:

  1. UC Davis

  2. UC Irvine

  3. UC Merced

  4. UC Riverside

  5. UC Santa Barbara

  6. UC Santa Cruz  

Students are encouraged to make a Cabrillo counseling appointment to review specific requirements and deadlines.

Benefits of completing a TAG:

  • Some campuses will review your academic records early

  • Some campuses will give you early admission notification

  • Some campuses will give guidance on specific major preparation and general education coursework

Basic Eligibility Requirements for TAG:

  • Students must have completed at least 30 UC-transferable units through Summer 2021

  • GPA requirements must be met during the time of application and maintained for the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • GPA requirements must be met during time of application and maintained for Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Some schools have selective majors which require progress on a student's major courses. This also includes GPA requirements in major-specific courses.

  • Certain universities require specific progress and completion in English and Math.

  • Additional details found on UC's TAG Matrix

  • All students who plan to transfer should meet with a Cabrillo counselor each semester to help with course selection for their specific campus and major.

Applying for TAG

  • Step 1: To get started, you’ll need to begin by creating an account and begin entering your coursework at UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP)

  • Step 2: Attend a TAP to TAG webinar hosted by the Cabrillo Transfer Services or any of our UC partners

  • Step 3: Review your TAG application by attending a TAP to TAG Application Help session or schedule an appointment with a Cabrillo Academic Counselor.

  • Step 4: Submit your TAG application between September 1-30.

  • Step 5: Fill out the application for admission to UC and submit between November 1-30.

Helpful Resources for TAP to TAG

Contact Information
Bldg 100 (see map)

Phone hours

Monday - Thursday

9:00 am - 11:00 am, 3:00-5:00 pm


9:00 am -5:00 pm

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Min. GPA

Deadline to Submit TAG

UC Davis

3.20 - 3.50

September 30, 2021

UC Irvine


September 30, 2021

UC Merced

2.80 - 3.00

September 30, 2021

UC Riverside

2.70 - 3.30

September 30, 2021

UC Santa Barbara

3.40 (by end of Fall '21)

September 30, 2021

UC Santa Cruz

3.00 (by end of Fall '21

September 30, 2021

Brief overview of TAG