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Student Veteran Endowment

We are Student-Veteran leaders that provide guidance and support to the veteran community at Cabrillo College. Our mission at the Veterans Information Center is to empower veterans to pursue their educational and professional growth by creating a healthy academic environment.

As advocates, we are on duty and standing watch for all of our brothers and sisters who serve and have served our great country.

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Student Veteran Endowment

Thank you to all those who have donated!
Founding Members

-Michael and Susan Brandy

-System Studies, Geri Karleen

-Pegi and Tom Ard, in honor of Mike Brandy, Manuel Osorio, and all Cabrillo student veterans

-Anonymous donor

-Mary Gaukel and Les Forster, in honor of Les Forster (Navy, Vietnam), Ed Bates (Navy , WWII), Betty Bates (Navy, WWII) Edward and Kathleen Banks, in honor of Eugene Friend

-JoAnn Cardiel

-Flor Chacon

-Jan Graff

-Iris Rooney

-Kofi Adkinjide

-Lhea Aragon

-Amber Bowlin

-Michael Bradley

-Stoney and Beverly Brook

-John and Linda Burroughs

-Sydnee Casey

-Ceil Cirillo

-Deanna Edwards

-Juan Escobar

-Kristin Fabos

-Bill and Kathy Fitzgerald

-Morfett Flores

-Gustavo Flores

-Mary Flores

-David Henderson

-Librada Herrera

-Eileen and Dave Hill

-Henry Hooker and Janine Roeth

-Kirk Johnson

-Nanette Lopez

-Barbara Love

-Michael and Nancy Machado

-Nancy Machado, in memory of David Cake

-Richard McMurray

-Chris Miller

-Melody Mills

-Rock Pfotenhauer and Linda Wilshusen

-Violette and Matthew Reeves

-Mariah Roberts

-Kevin Rooney

-Sally Sheriff, Healthy Dragon Acup. Prof. Corp.

-Lalu Simcik

-Rachael Spencer

-Barry Staley

-Derek Staley

-Desha Staley-Raitor

-Matt Weiss and Vanessa MCroskey

-Matt Wetstein and Cindy Ostberg

-Terrence Willett and Jennifer Cross

-Chuck Woodson

-Donna Ziel

Contributing Donors

Cynthia Almer

Carolyn Collins

Daniel Dodge

Boris Flores

Gilbert Flores

Rodrigo Flores

Karen Groppi

Felipe Hernandez

Claire Laughlin

Katherine Love

Joyce Matlack

Beth McKinnon

Richard Medina

Robin Mitchell

Shannon Moseley, in memory of my grandfather Captain Robert Baldwin who served in WWII

Doreen O'Donovan

Emily Reynolds

Georgia West, in memory of my dad George Hood, a Korean War Vet