Abriendo El Camino: Connecting & Supporting High Schools Students into Structured College & Career Pathways

Abriendo El Camino

Title V Grant Goals:

1. Build a strong infrastructure for dual enrollment to support the transition of students from high school to college in clearly articulated college and career pathways.

2. Expand integrated student supports and co-curricular activities for dual enrollment to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of Hispanic and low-income high school students from Cabrillo's feeder schools so they pursue and complete college and career pathways.

Cabrillo College was awarded five-year, $3 Million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) in October 2022 to strengthen career pathways and dual enrollment of high school students, called Abriendo El Camino: Connecting & Supporting High School Students into Structured College & Career Pathways. Grant funds will be used to partner with Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) to better align academic pathways between Cabrillo and local high schools, promote more dual enrollment, and provide mentoring and student support experiences that will accelerate completion of college degrees and transfer to four-year universities. The grant comes on the heels of an earlier grant in 2020 designed to strengthen transfer pathways between Cabrillo and CSU Monterey Bay. Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools for PVUSD shares, "PVUSD is honored to support the intentional collaboration this federal Title V Developing HSI grant award 'Abriendo El Camino' will fund to provide focused connection, expanded dual enrollment and other supports for PVUSD students from Cabrillo Learning Communities. PVUSD and Cabrillo are transforming systems together to increase equity of outcomes in structured pathways as we prepare students in our community for college, career, and life." Grant funds will help hire staff and student mentors that can provide support to dual enrolled students, along with equity-minded professional development for faculty. The grant also provides money for family engagement to learn about dual enrollment and college. The grant is designed to support high school and community college programs that link students to careers in biotechnology, health sciences, and education.

“Grants like this represent an important investment in local students and their future careers,” said Congressman Panetta. “As someone who went to a community college, it is particularly meaningful to support these types of institutions. Community colleges are often the gateway to economic and social mobility for students that are underrepresented in key career sectors. This is an exciting opportunity for students in our region to accelerate their completion of college degrees.”

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