Ann Endris
Title V Director
Title V Initiative

Raised on a small family farm in Northern California, I worked alongside my family cultivating our food and a love for teamwork. As an undergraduate I studied at UC Santa Cruz and the University of Alcala de Henares, Spain, double majoring in Politics and Language Studies. After graduation I spent several years managing an arts education and youth development program in Oakland. I left Oakland for the incredible opportunity to be a Fulbright Fellow in Spain, research migration from Northern African to the EU, and develop a leadership program for migrant youth. Afterwards, I obtained my Masters degree from UC San Diego in Latin American Studies, with a specialization in International Migration. Supporting students at Cabrillo College has been a true gift for me because our students inspire me everyday.


Transforming Lives Through Education 

 If you arrived in the US undocumented, you can get support as you go to college! Go to the Immigrants Rising website.

Here's what they do: 

Beyond DACA: Find out what's possible for you regardless of DACA

Making Money: Work for yourself and generate income 

Going to College in CA: Pursue and complete your college degree 

Getting Papers: Learn about your immigration options and find support 

Mental Health: Get support for your mental and emotional well-being


Check out the Immigrants Rising website and scroll down to see all the options.  

To learn more about Immigrants Rising watch this video.