The Academy for College Excellence

The ACE Semester

1 Week Intensive Foundation Course

In ACE, you take classes with the same group of students throughout the semester. It begins with a one week foundation course. This course is designed to help you increase self-awareness, bond with your classmates, and discover your personal learning and working style. By collaborating in teams, you practice effective communication, how to work well with others, and develop your professional skills.

15 Week Semester

After completing the foundation course, you begin a group of classes which include some of the following:

  • College Composition English 1A PLUS
  • Social Justice Issues
  • Team/Self Management
  • Career/Education Planning
  • College Skills for Success


ACE is designed for student sucess

The courses in the ACE program are designed to make going to college full time more manageable. Unlike taking several unrelated courses, the assignments you do in ACE courses are all connected to each other, and all focus on the completion of transfer level coursework.

ACE is a community

Graduates often will tell us that being in ACE is like being part of a family. ACE faculty and staff work closely with you to provide support and resources. Students make lasting friendships, and are able to successfully transition into College by engaging with faculty and peers in hands on learning. Students come out of their first semester transformed, motivated, and ready to achieve their goals.

Skills Certificate
Foundations in Leadership & Management Skills Certificate

Upon completing the ACE program, students can qualify for the Foundations in Leadership and Management Skills certificate. This certificate recognizes their preparation for careers in management positions that require technological and leaderships skills. This interdisciplinary certificate is offered through the Digital Management and Career Preparation Department at Cabrillo College. To view the catalog description, click here.
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To view the catalog description click here.

Skills Certificate

Course Options

  • DMCP 401
    Foundational Course

    0 Units

  • DMCP 10
    Foundations of Leadership

    2 Units

  • DMCP 111
    Introduction to Team Self-Management

    2 Units

  • DMCP 20
    Social Justice Issues

    1-3 Units

  • DMCP 112
    Social Justice Research Methods and Team Management

    3 Units

  • CG 54
    Career Planning

    1 Unit

  • ENGL 1A
    College Composition

    3 Units

  • ENGL 100
    Elements of Writing

    3 Units

  • ESL 100
    High Advanced Academics ESL

    4-6 Units

  • Total Units
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