Associate Degrees for Transfer

Cabrillo Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT's)

Degrees with a Guarantee

The Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) is a unique degree offered at California Community Colleges for transfer into the CSU system.. You must meet with a counselor to develop an educational plan and discuss whether this degree is appropriate to your educational goal.

The guarantee for students who earn an AA-T or AS-T degree and meet CSU minimum eligibility requirements is admission to the CSU system in a similar major, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major.

In addition, once at the CSU, if you are admitted and enrolled in a designated similar degree program, the CSU guarantees that you will complete your bachelor's degree in 60 units.

With the AA-T or AS-T degree, you may be given a GPA bump when applying to an impacted campus outside your local area or an impacted major that is deemed similar.

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How do I know if my goal CSU accepts the AA-T/AS-T as similar?

You may use this search tool on the page to determine if your AA-T/AS-T major is deemed similar. Pay special attention to the "concentration" in the major. Only those university degree concentrations listed are accepted as "similar" to the AA-T/AS-T degree.

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