Articulation Department

A.A.-T./A.S.-T. Associate Degrees for Transfer

Cabrillo currently has the following Associate Degrees for Transfer (A.A.-T.'s/A.S.-T.'s) approved as of October, 2020. Historical degrees and important notes are also housed here.

Anthropology A.A.-T 

Historical ANTHR AA-T available for:

 See Studio Art below

Art History A.A.-T. 

  • Historical AH A.A.-T available for:
  • 2017-2018

Biology A.S.-T. - approved with IGETC for STEM (click for explanation)

Business Administration A.S.-T. 

as of Spring, 2021, students should be following the new requirements, to include Statistics PLUS a second MATH class, and BUS 20 in the Core. Current students will have catalog rights to the 2017-2020 degree requirements below - but should also consult

Historical BUS A.S.-T available for:

Communication Studies A.A.-T. 

Historical COMM A.A.-T available for: 

Criminal Justice (Administration of Justice) A.S.-T. 

Historical CJ A.S.-T available for:

Geography A.A.-T. 

Historical GEOG A.A.-T. available for:

see Agriculture Plant Sciences

Music A.A.-T. 

Historical MUS A.A.-T. available for:

Physics A.S.-T. - requires IGETC for CSU

Sociology A.A.-T

Historical SOC A.A.-T. available for:

Studio Art A.A.-T. 

Historical Studio Art A.A.-T available for: