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COVID-19 CSU Chancellor's Office Notification - March 31st - Highlights Below

  • P" grades accepted for Winter, Spring and Summer, 2020 classes for: Golden 4, general education and major preparation courses
  • OK to complete A2 and B4 in Summer - not enforcing 60 unit minimum
  • Admissions will not be rescinded if official transcript not received by 7-15-20; acceptable through Fall, 2020

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CHART - CSU Ethnic Studies Catalog Rights

per CSU conference September, 2021

ETHNIC STUDIES GE Area F completion - NOT Required for Students that:

  • Transferred in 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 (assuming continuous enrollment, *defined as completion of one term each academic year)

  • Maintained continuous enrollment* prior to Fall, 2021

  • Transcript indicates that prior to Fall, 2021:

    • Conferral of an ADT

    • Fully CSU GE Certified

    • Fully IGETC Certified

    Regardless of transfer term

Ethnic Studies GE Area F completion IS expected:

  • Beginning Fall, 2023 - Full CSU GE Certification - Ethnic Studies/Area F completion is expected and required

  • Beginning Fall, 2024 - Full IGETC Certification - Ethnic Studies is expected and required

  • Students transferring from private or out-of-state institutions will be required to complete Ethnic Studies, as catalog rights pertain only to California public institutions.

CSU Memorandum - Implementation of Catalog Rights for Area F requirement

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