Bike Co-Op


Co-Operators & Volunteers

The co-operators are both bike mechanics and "educators" who will teach you the basics of bike maintenance, repair, and even help you build a bike from frames & parts found at the shop (or community).


Volunteer as a mechanic
Core members of the Bike Cooperative volunteer their time to run the shop; we can't operate without them. As an incentive, core members are offered free membership for their service.
Core members get other fringe benefits, too: dibs on quality parts and components, free food and coffee (or yerba maté), and a little bit of storage space. For more information, walk into the cooperative during open hours, or attend one of our meetings.
UPDATE: Beginning Spring Semester 2011, volunteers are able to get shop credit for (only) used parts in exchange for their time spent doing specific tasks according to a to-do list in the shop.
Simply log your hours on the volunteer clip board. This information will be kept in a spreadsheet along with a record of parts to be exchanged for this time.

Bike Co-op Hours: We are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions
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Stay safe!
Thursday and Friday
Keep riding
Saturday through Monday
Bike for joy
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Current Cooperators!

Pablo, Dani, Kurt, James

Past Cooperators:

Pete, Tiffany, David, James, Nik, Ethan

Kyle, Pete, Jamie, Mariah, Aaron L., Eric

Aaron S, Nic A., Sylvia, Alex, Hilde, Kemen, Victor, Jerry